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is this bizarre hand-shaped pillow the secret to a good night\'s sleep on a plane?

by:Qihao      2019-08-25
You have to give it to the inventor.
This is of course the original entrance to the bed pillow market.
MonPere is a hand.
Travel pillows in the shape of Silwan beloubeiming, a Canadian sports therapist.
He thinks it can provide you with a good one. flight snooze.
The project has raised more than $112,000-almost three times its target --on Kickstarter.
According to the manufacturer, the unique shape of the scroll down view video is made of curved but elastic silicone with washable cotton cover, which can be bent into many positions, all of this is to help you maintain a good posture, no matter how uncomfortable your seat or position is.
Better posture means better sleep, skipping crucial sleep will not only make you feel less happy when you reach your destination, but will also increase the risk of back pain and heart problems, according to montpey.
Its inventor has traveled and lived around the world for years, but it wasn\'t until he saw how difficult it was for his daughter to sleep on the plane that he decided to do some help with his background.
MonPere spent four years testing and trial before it was ready to go public.
No matter how heavy your head is, MonPere travel pillows claim to be able to keep you safe without slacking your head or bouncing around.
If you want to watch a movie, it will even keep a screen for you.
Why then?
According to the inventor, this is the result of \"numerous tests and prototypes\" and this unique shape gives the best result.
are present in just about every facet of modern life.
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