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inside the world\'s first vegan hotel suite, which has pillows filled with buckwheat husks, pineapple-leaf furniture and eco-cotton carpets

by:Qihao      2019-09-01
The world\'s first vegetarian hotel suite has opened, with everything from pillows to furniture made from plants --Basic materials.
The suite was created at Hilton London bank side hotel, which consulted the vegan Association
Use friendly materials.
Guests who use the suite will receive a special check upon check-in-
At the desk in the lobby, use pi atex-
Leather replacement made of pineapple leaves-
And get a key card made of the same material.
In the room, they will find that the pillows are made of eco-friendly materials, not feathers.
These include a pillow filled with an organic buckwheat shell, a kapok pillow made of natural kapok, a Xiaomi pillow made of an organic Xiaomi shell, and an orthopedic memory foam pillow made of bamboo fiber
Allergic foam pillow made of 100 recycled polyester.
The bed headboard is also made of pi atex leather and is handmade
Embroidery by local artist Emily Potter.
Stylish, solid stone
The gray floor is made of 100 renewable and sustainable Moso bamboo with poor finish.
The suite also includes organic cotton carpets purchased responsibly for guests to immerse themselves in.
Although the office chairs, pouffes and mats in the suite are also made in pi atex leather.
At the same time, there are notebooks, pens and stationery on pencils on the table, all of which are vegetarian --
Friendly, no animal marks in paper or ink.
In the bathroom, the suite offers products from the vegetarian brand Prija ginseng and uses recycled packaging to make necessities such as shower caps and nail kits.
The mini bar offers a variety of local
Vegetarian food including Graze protein powder, bare fruit and nut snacks, and Delicious Ella energy balls of different flavors. While the in-
The room menu now includes a wide selection of vegetarian lunches, dinner and breakfast options, which include juice, muesli, hummus, potato hash, roasted mushrooms, avocado, scrambled eggs and quinoa
Even the hotel\'s room cleaning trolley was refreshed by the ecosystem.
Friendly products, including a series of methods inspired by nature, non-
Toxic non-animals-
The cleaning products are tested.
All linen is cleaned with eco-friendly cleaners. James B.
Clark, general manager of Hilton London bank, said: \"At Hilton London bank, we have been looking for innovative ways to bring new experiences to our guests.
\"Our Oxbo restaurant is already spacious and meets many different dietary requirements, so we thought, why not apply the same concept in our room?
Veganism is not just a food and beverage trend, it has become a lifestyle choice for many people and, in turn, we want to be the first hotel to be able to serve those who follow the plants --
Based on the lifestyle, from the moment they walked into the hotel, there was a chance to completely immerse themselves in it.
Danielle Sanders from the Vegetarian Association added: \"Since the beginning of 2018, we have been involved in the planning of Hilton vegan suites at Bank of London, and we are pleased to see the concept come alive.
The hotel carefully selected different plants
We are pleased to see that those who live a vegetarian lifestyle are now able to expand their plants --
Have the opportunity to enjoy the option of a vegetarian tour.
\"We are happy to be able to direct our followers and supporters to a hotel that contains the entire lifestyle experience from check in to sleep in the factory --
Linen and furniture.
Vegetarian suites are now open for reservations.
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