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improve your sleep -- and your life -- with these 8 tips

by:Qihao      2019-08-25
On a recent flight from London to Atlanta, I was lucky enough to sit next to a very kind lady.
We are connected not because we have a lot in common, but because she doesn\'t complain or object when I accidentally fall asleep on her shoulder.
She\'s not drooling on her memory foam neck pillow. maybe she saved me.
When I woke up, we laughed at my appetite inclination and shared something about how we were at 500-
Tin Can seats travel at 567 miles per hour (
912 per hour).
As my wife can prove, I have been skilled enough to fall asleep while lying down and sleeping for a few minutes.
While I may not have a senior degree or certificate in the subject, I have dedicated the third part of my life to the art of sleep, so I consider myself an expert.
How do scientists want to cheat your plane?
In fact, each of us should be experts.
We are all people who have the habit of sleeping for a few hours from an early age and seem to be at any time of the day, under any circumstances.
Sadly, although we have bad habits, we still teach ourselves how to sleep well. In order to re-
The master of sleep, first of all, must understand that the focus should be on the quality of sleep, not the amount of sleep ---
The key to success is to regulate the body and brain by creating habits and environments conducive to sleep.
Here are some tips for getting you started.
In order to get the best rest between the sheets, our body needs to adapt to the relationship between sleep and bed.
In addition to sleeping, this is the easiest thing to do by eliminating all other activities in the bed, such as watching TV or reading a book.
Of course, many of us still have at least one activity in bed, an activity that can relieve great stress, but only stick to the routine of sleep when we are not involved in whoopee.
Think that humans spend one-quarter to one-
They sleep for the third time in their life, so it makes sense to invest in a device that will make this time as comfortable as possible.
Test the firmness and size of the mattress, or consider any new startup like Casper, which will provide a new mattress for your home and give you 100 days of testing time.
While this may be an unconventional business model, you can use it to find the mattress that works best for you.
Most importantly, do not settle at a lower price because of the price.
Keep in mind that the mattress can be used for up to 10 years if handled properly, so the cost is just a long time
Make long-term investments in your happiness.
Our body is in tune with daylight, so don\'t let it enter your room and disturb your sleep.
In the room where you sleep, install dark curtains to block the unwanted light.
Also, consider a good sleep mask in order to finally eliminate the light.
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People who canand has)
Sleep through fire and tropical storm-
Consider the noise machine in your bedroom, which will help stop unwanted background noise while you sleep.
If you happen to use your phone as an alarm clock or alarm charger, consider any number of sleep assist apps, many of which have very customizable features.
Many experts believe that it is best to reduce the consumption of large amounts of meals at least two hours before you are fired.
For those who are more sensitive to caffeine, reducing caffeine a few hours before bed is also a good idea.
As for alcohol, some people-
Including myself. -
Finding a glass of wine or beer helps to get rid of the tension, but moderation is important as always.
While too much alcohol will sleep you longer, it will greatly reduce the quality of your sleep.
Finally, high consumption
Sugar and highly processed food throughout the day can cause serious damage to insulin levels and metabolism, so consider adding high quality food to your diet, which will provide energy during the day, without disturbing your sleep at night.
For most entrepreneurs (
Excluding Zen master)
Business is under great pressure and is at the root of many restless nights.
To this end, give yourself a \"psychological runway\" to sleep \".
From your phone to your brain, turn everything off and give yourself a few minutes (as many as 30)
Complete silence
You can use this time to meditate or simply convince yourself with daily affirmation.
The key is to clear your mind before you get fired.
Unless you use it as an alarm clock (see above)
Put your phone outside the bedroom.
Putting it on the bedside table by the bed gives your brain a quick idea of tomorrow\'s schedule ---
As we know, this will evolve into an email check for an hour.
If you have to put your phone in your bedroom and use the Do Not Disturb feature, remember that the blue light from your smartphone can seriously damage your ability to fall asleep, so avoid using it before going to bed.
After adjusting your sleep, make sure you have the conditions to wake up.
Make and maintain a great morning routine that will end an extraordinary night of sleep.
An easy habit is to wake up 30 minutes in advance, drink a glass of water, stretch your body and take a brisk walk, which can add energy to your entire day.
Of course, sleep procedures and patterns can vary a lot, so the key is not to implement every hint you receive, but to find a combination of tips that will suit you.
In addition, it takes time and practice to master sleep.
I made a lot of investment in finance and time to be proficient in falling asleep and sleeping.
However, you will find that the improvement of the quality of life brought about by this is very worthwhile.
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