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ideal breasts: do yours measure up?

by:Qihao      2019-09-02
Beauty surgeons in the UK say the perfect breasts are proportional.
Source: The national characteristic formula with perfect shape?
The doctor said they had found an aesthetic ideal.
More than 500 years ago, da Vinci defined the geometric proportions of the human body in his vitruvians.
He drew sketches showing the proportion of everything from arm length to ear position and divided the face into three parts: line to eyebrow;
Eyebrows to nosenose to chin.
Since then, da Vinci\'s size has been a guide for cosmetic surgeons who have developed them into facial templates by using a proportion that is specifically suitable for Patient Features and genetic background.
But what about breast size?
Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery in the world, but it has always been a difficult problem to determine the exact shape of the breast augmentation.
Patients and surgeons must try to explain what they want and be able to create by looking at photos and comparing cup sizes.
All this will change, thanks to a group of surgeons in London who decided to apply da Vinci\'s \"perfect proportions\" theory to women\'s breasts.
But how do you choose the perfect chest?
Paul Banwell, a leading cosmetic plastic surgeon in the UK, revealed a test site for the study during a visit to Australia last month.
How to determine \'aesthetic ideal\', the size of the chest analyzed and measured by the surgeon 100 topless choice length
The \"third page Girl\" column of the British tabloid Sun newspaper.
Perhaps not surprisingly, what these women have in common is the breast ratio: 45 above the nipple;
Below 55%;
Nipple up 20-degree angle.
Banwell thinks these sizes represent the perfect shape of the breast.
\"It has nothing to do with the size of the Cup,\" he explained . \".
\"It\'s all about proportions. \"World-
Dr. Anoop Rastogi, a famous beauty surgeon in Australia, agrees with the doctor\'s attention to breast aesthetics, but adds, \"Beauty is still in the eyes of onlookers.
\"He thinks this is in line with the patient\'s ideals.
\"Young girls often like the look of Kardashian --
\"He explained.
\"But most women who come to me are mothers who have had a few children.
They want to wear a non-structured top, but also have very natural, gorgeous breasts that look real.
They don\'t actually want anyone to know.
\"A\" revolution \"in breast augmentation has seen the introduction of implants coated with polyurethane foam to prevent them from moving or hardening,\" Rastogi said.
Tear of nature
Surgeons and patients have a drop shape of various sizes with more options.
But the best results come from the ratio of the body to the breast.
\"Not an isolated breast;
This is the breast on the body and the balance between the two. \"Added Rastogi.
\"By adjusting the size and position of the implant, you can highlight the patient\'s figure.
If you put your breasts low and wide on a petite person, it will make them look fat.
But if you put your breasts in the right position, you can make the patient\'s waist look smaller.
\"There are many things to consider.
Basically, geometry.
\"> How much does it cost?
Most surgeons charge $8000 to $12,000 (
Including anesthesia and operation time).
Dr. Rastogi charges about $13,500.
> What should I look for at the beauty surgeon?
Find someone with extensive experience and good reputation in breast surgery.
Not everyone is suitable for breast implants, so you need advice from a surgeon.
Also asked them if the operating room was approved by the health department?
> How long does it take?
Usually about an hour. and-a-half.
> What is the recovery time?
Most patients were sent home on the day of surgery and were ready to return to work three or four days after recovery.
However, if the patient has breast augmentation, the procedure and recovery time for subsequent surgery will be longer.
Originally published as ideal breast: Is your breast long?
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