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how to survive a marathon flight

by:Qihao      2019-08-25
Surviving long-
As a Marine, a long flight is not the most important concern of Akshay Nanavati.
Navarro, who has served as a communications liaison in Iraq, is more worried about 15-
It takes an hour to travel from Santiago to Baghdad.
\"We have to be down-to-earth,\" Navarro recalls, who is now a consultant based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.
He completed his journey of duty, but his ability to calmly endure long flights was not.
In the last 18-
An hour flight from New York to Bangalore \"I arrived in India groggy,\" he recalls \".
\"I couldn\'t work or have a good time with my family for two full days.
\"Sitting still in a pressurized aluminum tube for a few hours at a time can cause heavy damage to your body.
Potential side effects include dehydration, fatigue, and potentially fatal disease-an increased risk of deep venous thrombosis.
At the same time, we all spend more time on the plane.
For example, a direct flight from New York to Houston will take about 4 hours-it will take only 2 hours on 1973.
In order to save fuel, some airlines are filling their schedules to make sure they are in-
Time is up and there is more air traffic.
A new study by the Charles Perkins Center at the University of Sydney is taking a cross-disciplinary approach to prevent fatigue associated with marathon flight.
Scientists are working on issues like nutrition, physical activity and sleep, hoping to help travelers avoid reactions like Navarro.
The project is a partnership with Qantas, which will use the results of the project to develop a new long-term approach
Later this year, travel long before the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight.
The plane will fly to Perth, Australia, including London, for the third time in nearly 17 hours.
The longest passenger flight in the world
\"We are developing a set of interventions and services to support health and health in the air and to help change the biological clock to mitigate the effects of jet lag reactions, said Stephen Simpson, academic director of the Perkins Center.
\"Eventually, these will start a few days before the flight, provide advice through apps and devices, and then in the function of the transit lounge, in the services provided on the plane, after arriving at the destination, further suggestions will continue.
\"Of course, one of the easiest ways to make flights more tolerable and reduce the risk of deep venous thrombosis is to provide passengers with reasonable personal space.
In order to squeeze more people on the plane, the airline has reduced the number of leg space, and the passenger advocate said that this step may increase the possibility of blood clots.
Philip Capps, head of product and service development for Quantas customers, said that 787 of the designs were designed to maximize comfort.
\"For example, in business class, the seat is 1-2-
\"So that every passenger can go straight through the aisle,\" he said . \".
Compared to the 32 inch of the Airbus a380, economy class passengers will receive a 31 inch seat spacing-a rough measure of leg space.
But let\'s face it. most of us don\'t fly a dream plane very quickly.
Before that, how do you spend the whole day on the plane, spending more than 12 hours on the plane is an intellectual game, said LaVonne Markus, head of travel agency at Stillwater, Minnesota.
\"You have to accept that it will be a long flight,\" she said . \".
Navarro used two strategies to avoid duplication of flights in Bangalore.
First, he stopped ordering Bloody Mary and turned to water to keep it hydrated.
Second, he stayed up late the night before the flight, with a blindfold so he could sleep on the plane.
This helps him adapt to the new time zone faster.
Tover Morrison, an education consultant in Tampa, Florida, says staying up late is only half of the solution and she travels a lot.
\"Don\'t follow the flight feeding schedule,\" he said . \".
\"Follow the feeding schedule for landing.
\"In other words, if you\'re flying to Sydney, have lunch at lunch time in Sydney-even if that means getting up in the middle of the night to eat.
If you are in economy class, you will sit upright for a few hours at a time.
Jeremy Smith, spine surgeon at the Irvine Hoag Orthopaedic Institute in California, suggested: \"stand up and act . \".
Smith said you should stand up and take a break every 30 to 45 minutes.
Don\'t forget to bring a comfortable bed pillow to support the neck.
In fact, if you only do one thing in the next time
Survivors like Kelly Merritt say long flights make sure you move.
I used the word \"survivor.
After a long flight, she suffered from a pulmonary embolism and almost died.
She said her doctor told her the flight was a contributing factor.
\"It is essential for travelers who travel for a long time
Stay active in all aspects of the flight, \"said Merritt, author of Pilot Hill in North Carolina.
\"It may mean twisting your feet and toes, standing up and walking around, anything that prevents blood from gathering on your feet.
This is probably the best advice before science solves the problem.
If you want to survive, do it.
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