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How to Strengthen Neck Muscles - Neck Strengthening

by:Qihao      2020-10-14
The neck area is usually overlooked, strength training doesn't give attention to these muscles when compared other muscle groups. Your neck makes it possible to you're your head up and down, side to side and to tilt your head from side to side. Building the neck muscles helps prevent muscle injury and strengthens the neck. Resistance Exercises You can use your hands to perform resistance exercises for your neck. Such exercises improve strength and flexibility. A backwards resistance exercise can be performed in this manner- place your hands behind your head, look straight ahead to keep your head level then push back your head without allowing your hands to shift or move. Your arm strength should be used to resist the force. Release after holding the position for five seconds. Forward resistance exercise is performed by place your hands on your forehead and then pushing your head forward. The same process can be used to perform a right and left side resistance neck exercise. Towel Exercises Use a small towel to perform these exercises; you should be able to fold the towel in half twice. Fold it horizontally in half to make it slightly thicker. Begin this exercise by standing with your feet apart, or sit on a bench or chair. Wrap the towel behind your head at the hairline base. Hold a towel end in each hand and then lower your chin towards your chest. Tightly hold the towel to create resistance against your neck and lift your head upwards. Continue this process by lifting and lowering your head. Free Weight Exercises For the free weight exercises choose weights between 2 and 5 lbs. that you will be able to hold against your forehead. Now lie with your back down on a bench or any similar surface. Slightly move upward so that you are not resting your head on the bench. Hold the free weight on your forehead and keep your hands and weight in contact throughout the complete exercise. Lower your head in a controlled and slow motion and pull your chin in towards your chest. Similarly, perform a strengthening exercise for the muscles that you use to move your head from side to side. Position yourself with the weights on your forehead and slowly turn from left to right. Headstand This exercise is commonly performed during advanced yoga classes. It is a great neck exercise and an overall health builder as well. To begin, put a pillow or anything soft enough next to a door, then get down on your knees and place your head on the pillow. Now swing up your legs towards the door and rest in this position. You are basically resting upside down and on your head. It may sound difficult but it is pretty simple. You can easily balance if your body is in decent shape. When you have mastered the exercise then you can try out more advanced moves such as moving from side to side. This exercise helps to strengthen your neck.
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