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how to steer clear of airline fees

by:Qihao      2019-08-26
Ticket prices are at their lowest level in years.
That means airlines are trying to find new ways to make money. But how?
CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg explained that airlines now add a lot of extra fees to the original ticket price.
Last year, he said, charges alone generated $1 billion, according to the Ministry of Transport.
But where are these expenses?
Greenberg points out the recent charges below.
Popular live news: the latest tariff for the World Cup of women\'s football with the collapse of the Tony Prize Crane: Holiday travel expenses: the United States, the United States, the Delta and U disk. S.
The airline added a $10 travel surcharge in November 29 (
Sunday after Thanksgiving)
And January 2 and 3 (
Weekend after New Year).
Ticket Cost: British Airways-
Will promote economic development
Cabin passengers who Reserve seats 24 hours before departure.
This does not apply to gold and silver Executive Club members, first of all-
Class passengers, customers with special needs, people traveling with babies, or people who book a fully flexible ticket for a class at J/C/W/Y.
The fee is per person per department from £ 10 ($15)
Coach seat £ 20 ($30)
European club, world traveler and world traveler Plus.
The worst is Club World business-
Tourists must pay £ 60 ($90). United --
Economy Plus seats for $9$119 per flight.
Or, economic plus annual options of $349 a year. Spirit --
$20 exit row, $12 aisle/window, $7 middleUS Airways--$5-
$30 aisle/window, front of the cost of economic inspection bags: almost all major U. S. carriers --
Southwest is an exception for the time being--
Charge for checking luggage for most passengers (
Elite high mileage customers free).
United has just announced, however, that United\'s top luggage is currently available at $249 per year, making it possible for customers to check in two standard bags without paying extra.
The subsubscription fee includes the baggage fee for up to 8 people traveling on the same confirmation number.
This applies to joint or combined express delivery of domestic and international flights.
It does not include overweight or oversized bags.
Mileage Plus premium members can enjoy the first and second package fees of the standard package.
On domestic flights, airlines typically charge $20 for the first checked baggage and $30 for the second checked baggage.
In addition, Manchester United will not confirm when this \"introductory\" price will rise, nor will it confirm how much the price will rise.
Cost for unaccompanied minors who send children under the age of 12 on a plane?
The cost of \"unaccompanied minors\" has soared.
Most airlines charge parents who send their children alone.
American airlines charge $100 for the service.
Delta charges $100 while JetBlue
Want $75 and Southwest Airlinescharges $25.
In many cases this is every leg/segment, not every trip. It can add up.
Pet fee: your dog or cat can travel with you in your cabin, but it will cost you money.
If you check your pet with checked baggage for travel in the belly of the plane, you will pay more at some airlines.
Delta Airlines
For example, $100-
The way to make your pet travel in the cabin, or $175 for your pet to be checked on flights within the USS.
Pets are allowed in the Delta, including dogs, cats and poultry. Frequent-
Redemption Fee for flight mileage: American Airlines, Continental Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines are now charging for frequent redemption
Flight mileage ranges from $25 at home to $600 at home.
Telephone booking fee: Delta and United will increase the cost of talking to humans from $10 to $25.
Boarding Fee: Southwest Airlines adds $10 to passengers who want to board first (
Get the best seats).
Luggage bag fee: on AirTran, no matter how much your bag is, no matter how heavy or light it is, how big it is.
If the length of the bag is more than 70 inch, the carrier will charge you $79 in addition to the cost of the checked bag.
Pillow and blanket fees: JetBlue charges $7 for pillow and wool blanket suits that are available on all flights over two hours.
S. airlines for kits including wool blankets, inflatable neck pillows, eye masks and earplugs are charged $7.
Ticket change fee: usually more expensive than the ticket itself, you may pay $150 if you want to change the flight date after booking.
How to avoid the cost of packing lighters and express luggage-
UPS and FedEx Ground are typically cheaper than paying for airline baggage checks, and involve much less time, effort and stress.
If an unaccompanied minor is sent, please try to book the child on an uninterrupted flight.
Additional charges are required for each connection.
Learn alternate rules.
If you don\'t change your flight date, just change your flight time, in many cases you can avoid a ticket change by waiting for another flight on the same date.
Beat the airline in their own game according to their rules.
If you have a bag you want to check but think it can be safely placed on the conveyor belt, try it.
If you get to the gate too big, many airlines will check it for you for free.
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