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how to sew a travel pillow

by:Qihao      2019-08-26
Do you always feel neck pain on those long trips? ?
Did you feel shy and think that your sleepy face on one side hit the person in the next seat?
Don\'t worry.
Today, to avoid all of these embarrassing situations, I showed \"how to sew travel pillows \".
It\'s very simple to make, and if you don\'t have a sewing machine, you can even sew or use fabric glue by hand.
The 1/2-yard manufacturer made this pattern for pattern ruler and pencil hand-sewn needle cloth scissors and scissors cloth scisi using 9 \"X 12\" paper. (
If you don\'t have 9 \"X 12\" you can bring two A4 sheets of paper with tape).
Divide the paper into 1 inch squares.
Draw the outer curve of the pillow from the Third Square, count horizontally from right to left, and draw the inner curve of the fourth square count from the top.
Keep the width of 4 inch by pattern and draw the half pillow shape as shown.
You can adjust it a little to fit the shape. (Picture 2).
Cut the final pattern with scissors.
Connect the pattern to the fabric using direct selling.
Place the pattern in the fold and cut the fabric sheet.
Leave 1/4 seam allowance when cutting.
You can fold the cloth twice (
This is the fabric folded vertically once and then folded horizontally again)
Or fold it in half and cut it twice with a pattern.
In the picture above, I used double fold and cut the fabric off at once.
Place the cut fabric sheet on the right side facing each other.
Fix them together with direct sales.
Stitch along the edge, leaving a 1/4 \"seam allowance\" on the top, leaving about 4 \"gaps, turning the shape of the pillow inward.
Make a slit on the joint allowance (
Be careful not to cross the seam)
When the inside is turned out, spread them evenly to avoid expansion. .
You can do the same step by hand sewing, by doing the back stitching around, or using fabric glue around, repeating the same steps mentioned above.
Turn the pillow over from the inside and iron it.
Make sure to iron the seam allowance on the gap so that it is easy to sew by hand.
Now plug the pillow into the gap.
Work with very little fillings at a time, making sure to fill every corner.
The way things are done is once that area is filled, your hands can\'t go through the filler.
Once you reach the end point, sew the needle line with your hand and complete the gap with a ladder needle.
If you don\'t know, how to sew the ladder needle.
Click here to learn. And that\'s it.
Your pillow is ready.
How easy it is! !
If you make this pillow with fabric glue, fix the gap with glue, fix the gap with adhesive clip or clothes pin until the glue is dry.
You can also follow this step if you want to avoid sewing ladder needles.
To change, you can replace cotton with wool or use two different fabrics on both sides.
It can be completely customized according to your taste.
I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial on travel pillows and try it out.
I am submitting this for \"travel tips contest.
Please vote for me if you like. Thank you.
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