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how to recycle bed pillows

by:Qihao      2019-08-24
How to recycle bed pillows.
Ready to replace those old pillows, but can\'t stand the thought of throwing them in the trash?
You may not be able to use them as bed pillows, but you can recycle them and reuse them for other useful items.
Here are some suggestions.
Wash and dry the old pillows before recycling them.
It is possible to wash and dry polyester, latex and down pillows in the washer/dryer.
Pillows filled with wool, cotton or kapok do not maintain their integrity during washing;
So these should only be sunburned.
Collect pillow fillers in a large box or bin so you can know what you have and how many raw and recyclable materials you have.
Toss pillows.
Sew pillow case and cover using new or recycled fabric.
Fill with recycled pillow filling.
Create different sizes and shapes around the house as interesting accents. Make pet beds.
Sew a pet bed for your dog and cat and fill it with old pillows.
The taste you are familiar with will make them comfortable. Chair cushion.
Sewing chair pads for wood chairs and other hard chairs
Surface furniture.
Filled with old pillow filling, seat comfort is provided with little or no cost. Make desk mats.
Sew seat cushions for benches and recliners on the balcony or porch. Use weather-
Fabric resistant and packaging filled with old pillows.
Make plush toys
The filling of old pillows is perfect for filling new and repaired plush toys for children and pets.
Make some plush decorations and handicrafts!
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