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how to make the long drive more comfortable when traveling with kids

by:Qihao      2019-09-05
No, you haven\'t arrived yet. -
In fact, you haven\'t left your zip code yet.
When a trip to the grocery store gets your child bored and whining, the prospect of a family road trip is enough to spark a nightmare, unless you have a bus with a private bunk and a refrigerator full of snacks, otherwise you may imagine that your child will be thinking about the whole trip.
Don\'t assume the worst, though.
With plenty of early preparation and plenty of distraction preparation, this will be your best trip to date.
Equip the car to keep the children comfortable.
Connecting sun shades to the United Nations
Colored side windows to keep the rear of the vehicle cool.
Put a blanket in the position of each child in the car in case he feels the air conditioner is too cold;
You can also pick up the battery
Operate a personal fan for the kids and use it when they feel warm.
Prepare a small pillow for each child to ensure a comfortable nap;
Neck pillows are ideal for kids stuck in the middle seat.
If your child is always arguing about who is sitting and when, please make a seating schedule. (
This only works if all your children are not in the car seat. )
Divide each paragraph of the trip into parts equal to the number of children;
For example, there are three children, breaking a nine
Three-hour tourhour blocks.
Let the child sit in the seat in turn, or let each child have their own seat choice.
Keep the schedule on the front seat to avoid confusing who is the turn.
Put on the most comfortable clothes for each child.
Let the children wear sleep pants, T-size-
Shirts and bedroom slippers if they want.
Let each child carry a sweatshirt or light jacket with him in the car.
He can use it to cover up a sloppy outfit before entering the rest stop, or wear it if he wants more comfort.
Pack a bag of snacks.
Keep it within your reach, or put it in the trunk and take out some new items at each stop. Pick low-
Sugar food, because you don\'t want the children to be at the sugar peak;
Nutrition expert Joey Bauer recommends string cheese, nuts, rice cakes, sliced oranges and apples as delicious lowsugar snacks.
Distribute a snack every few hours to satisfy the children.
Place a pot of filtered water in the cooler and refill each person\'s water bottle on a regular basis.
Give each child a paper bag full of books, video games, stuffed animals or handheld devices ---
Headphones and extra batteries included-
Sitting in his seat.
Let him pack the rest of the toys in his suitcase to prevent the car from feeling stuffed with garbage.
Once you\'re on the road, pick up some surprises like new coloring books and hand-held travel games.
Schedule a suspension every two to three hours.
Insist that each child get off at each stop unless he falls asleep.
Lead you five-
Take a walk for a minute at the rest stop or park your car in an empty corner of the parking lot and lead the kids to a quick yoga stretch and jump.
Once back in the car, everyone feels less anxious.
Cooking, traveling and parenting are the top three hobbies of Catherine Walsh.
She makes chicken nuggets during the day, vegetarian meals at night, and road trips on weekends.
Her work appeared in The Syracuse Post.
Standard and Insider magazine.
Walsh received a master\'s degree in journalism from Syracuse University.
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