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how to make old pillows white again

by:Qihao      2019-09-02
How to make everything look white.
Image: GettySource: Getty ImagesIF you take your pillowcase guest and Brown
The Yellow Nude pillow greets you. it\'s time to wash it.
Develop the habit of doing it every six months
More often if you have allergies.
Precautions before starting cleaning: check the label on the pillow to make sure there is no specific cleaning instructions.
For most synthetic pillows, the following steps work, but the washing machine is too rough for memory foam pillows --
These need to be washed by hand. Two wash two.
Wash two pillows at a time, depending on the size of the washing machine, to fill the machine at the same time and keep it balanced.
Use washing powder and bleach.
Take your nude pillow (
That is, subtract any pillowcase or pillowcase)
Put in the washing machine with a cup of washing powder and a cup of bleach. Hot wash.
Use the hottest settings on the machine to give the pillow an extra rinse and spin cycle.
Repeat steps 1 to 3 if they still look a bit dirty.
Completely dry in the sun.
Sunlight helps remove any remaining stains.
Check if they are completely dry, if they are not given more time, or run in the dryer.
To clean the pillow without a washing machine, remove the pillow protector and place the pillow in very hot water.
Use gloves and stir with washing powder or detergent.
Leave for 20 minutes and let the hot water kill any dust that may be present on your pillow.
Rinse with hot water several times and squeeze out excess water.
Dry in the sun
This is the best sterilizer!
Now you can confidently relax your face on a clean, fluffy white pillowgood as new.
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