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How to Keep Your College Freshman Warm and Comfortable

by:Qihao      2020-08-07
This year give them what they need now that they are off on their own at college. If you struggle to find the right gifts for your college age kids you are not alone. It can be a simple process of picking something they need while they are away at school and avoiding the typical, 'thanks mom, I needed another package of socks' and light up their eyes with something they can really use. Dorms are and dank and are always cold. Warm electric blanket can make all the difference when the heat is tenured down at night. They can just plug in, set the temp and feel toasty while they dream or watch TV. Another comfort from home you can send back with them is something that will help them sleep better. A memory foam mattress pad or pillow can provide more restful sleep. The technology around memory foam was designed by NASA in the early 70's to help astronauts deal with gravity forces during initial take-off. Because dorm rooms do not have the most comfortable mattresses, a memory foam mattress pad will help make up for the lack of support they get in a standard bed. This can help them sleep better and be refreshed and ready to go for a long day of classes and study time. These are just two areas you can use as the basis for your college freshman's gift this holiday out that special something and increase your chance that they he or she will actually use it this year. Focusing on their needs while at college, as the source of your inspiration and they will appreciate the thought and effort to make it special.
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