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How to Eliminate Neck Pain with an Orthopedic Pillow

by:Qihao      2020-10-01
Amongst the suspected causes of non-specific neck pain are stress, sitting too long in front of a computer and sleeping in an awkward position. To help us sleep better, we invest in orthopedic pillows. To correct our posture whilst at work, we use ergonomic chairs. To address our stress levels, we take yoga classes or go to the spa every weekend. Chronic neck pain is that kind of non-specific pain that lasts for a few months and doesn't go away. Most people suffering from it cannot specifically identify what causes it. Unless we can say with certainty that our neck pain is the direct result of a recent injury or a more serious medical condition, the self-help measures mentioned above, particularly the use of orthopedic pillows, are just about what we can do to cope. Let us take a closer look at neck pain likely caused by our sleeping habits. Sleeping in unnatural positions cause muscle strain and give unnecessary stress on your spine. Sleeping with non- orthopedic pillows piled too high will also put your neck at an awkward angle from your spine. Compared to side or back sleepers, belly sleepers are the most prone to neck and back pain because lying on our stomach misaligns the head and spine. Imagine if you stay in this position the entire night, every night! Sleeping on one's belly however is like a bad habit, it is hard to break. The next best thing is to use orthopedic pillows specifically meant for this sleeping position. More commonly called a stomach pillow it is of the correct thickness, shape and density. It is soft but not too soft, thick enough and flat enough to adjust the alignment of your body to your head. Sleeping on your back is natural enough, but even back sleepers wake up with some neck pain when using standard pillows. Neck pillows of the correct thickness and density will provide just the right support for your head and neck. Very popular these days are memory foam pillows that would follow the contour of your head, neck and shoulders, effectively providing perfect support. Soon enough you will notice that you are sleeping better and waking up more rested. If it was just your pillow causing the problem, switching to an orthopedic memory foam neck pillow should take that pain away. It seems no matter what position we sleep in, we are bound to have some discomfort. Side sleepers are not spared, they also have to contend with some neck and shoulder pain. They can also be helped by special orthopedic pillows for the knees or for the entire body. The most luxurious hotel-grade pillows will not provide the relief you need from your chronic neck pain. Only the appropriate orthopedic pillows will do that for you. They are designed to provide the necessary alignment and support that your body needs whilst sleeping.
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