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how to clean a pillowtop mattress

by:Qihao      2019-08-30
The mattress in my room is a thickened mattress that can\'t be flipped.
What is the best way to clean up my guests before they arrive on vacation? A.
Even if your mattress is not breathable, you can take some easy steps to keep it clean and fresh.
First, remove any mats or covers and clean them as instructed.
Then vacuum the mattress with the indoor decoration accessories on the vacuum cleaner.
Switch to the gap tool to deeply clean the seams where dust, dust and bad molecules gather.
The normal vacuum is OK, John Galeotafiore said, he led our recent vacuum test, but if you are a creator, try the Dyson V6 mattress handheld vacuum, 250
Although a bit expensive, this Dyson absorbs three times more material from the mattress than the rated tank vacuum.
Don\'t forget to field
Handle any stains.
Carpet cleaner or enzymebased pet-
Deodorant can be used to deal with body fluids.
Then sprinkle a box of baking soda on the mattress to make the mattress deodorization.
For the best results, please keep it for 24 hours.
Finally, vacuum the mattress again and change into clean sheets.
For more information, please read \"How to clean the mattress (and Why).
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