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How To Buy A Silk Down Pillow

by:Qihao      2020-10-18
The first thing to consider when purchasing a silk down pillow or any pillow for that matter would be your sleeping position. Are you a stomach sleeper, a back sleeper, or a side sleeper? In order to have the proper neck support this question needs to be answered. Pillows come in three different densities: soft, medium, firm. If you sleep on your stomach you will prefer a soft density pillow because it allows you to have breathing room. Back sleepers prefer medium density because less support is needed for the appropriate areas. Lastly, side sleepers should have a firm pillow to make sure they have the proper support in the neck and shoulder areas. The ratio of down to feathers would be the determinant of density when looking for a soft down pillow. A 10/90 fill means there is 10% down and 90% feathers, this makes for a firm pillow with a little bit of give. It also means that it will be less expensive due to the lower quantity of down. A 50/50 pillow consists of 50% down and 50% feathers. This pillow is believed to be firm enough, providing the proper neck and shoulder support while also being soft enough, offering comfort. It will be a bit more expensive because of the added down. The material that a pillow is made out of should be the next factor when choosing a pillow. Cotton is the most popular material used for pillows because of its ability to easily wick moisture but silk is also another leading contestant. Silk pillows offer a cool smooth feeling to cradle your neck at nighttime. If you have come to the conclusion that you are a back sleeper and would love the gift of luxury while you're sleeping, then a silk down pillow would be the perfect option for you. Made in the USA with a combination of the finest of silk imported from China due to their exceptional quality and the volume of textile mills and processing facilities along with the softer medium density you will most certainly believe that this is some type of silk pillow designed for royalty. It fits then that it be called the princess pillow. The silk down pillow from DOWNLITE uses a hypoallergenic Grey Goose Down with a fill power of 650. The fill power is in regards to how fluffy or lofty the pillow is. The 460 thread count is a silk cotton blend that is sure to provide luxurious comfort against your skin. It is recommend that when you find that perfect silk down pillow that you dry clean when necessary due to the fine silk material. It is also recommended that you invest in a pillow protector for added protection from skin oils and makeup. And lastly, to maximize the comfort level of your silk pillow, be sure to fluff it every day. All of these simple actions will guarantee that you get the utmost life out of the silk pillow that you worked so hard to find.
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