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how sanitary are airline blankets and pillows?

by:Qihao      2019-08-27
If you browse the internet, you may have seen some warnings about the potential health risks of using blankets and pillows provided by airlines on flights.
But like many other things you see online, these warnings seem a bit overkill.
On the one hand, in an era of increasingly competitive prices and increasing pressure to control costs, many airlines no longer even offer free pillows and blankets to all passengers.
Others are still offering these services on a limited basis as upscale facilities for high-class seating passengers.
Some airlines offering pillows and blankets are also re-using them.
But the representative of these airlines told us that these items will be cleaned and repackaged during use to eliminate any health problems.
Atlanta Daily issue 2010
The constitutional article describes that many airlines began to reduce or eliminate free bedding a few years ago.
Southwest Airlines, for example, stopped providing blankets and pillows in 2009.
\"It\'s a health facility --
Southwest spokesman Dan landerson explained in an email.
Airlines are \"doing what we can to prevent the spread of the disease \".
\"As a carrier of ultra-low prices (ULCC)
\"This is not part of our business model,\" explains Frontier Airlines spokesperson Kelsy Hustead in an email . \".
\"We don\'t have blankets and pillows.
\"Delta is a major airline that still offers free blankets in all cabins, although it will not distribute pillows to everyone.
\"We offer pillows on all flights, as well as on international flights, in Delta Comfort and guest cabins, Delta Premium Select and first class, spokeswoman Savannah hudderston gave details of the situation in an email.
\"Depending on the cabin and flight time, the service is also different.
For example, at Delta One, we offer business class on international flights and choose a domestic long distance
We offer flights to the Westin paradise
Flight bedding for customers including oversized duvet and duvet
Alternative pillows.
In the other cabins, our height
Durable and long quality pillow and blue blanket
Durable material.
Wash linen pillowcases and blankets after each use.
Other airlines also offer luxurious amenities such as blankets and pillows.
For example, American Airlines provides Casper brand blankets and pillows for first and business class passengers, as well as a variety of sleep items such as quilting down comforters, pajamas and slippers
International flights.
\"We work closely with Casper\'s sleep engineers to design our bedding,\" Sunny Rodriguez, a US airline spokesman, explained . \". Economy-
Passengers can also take non-
Designed blankets and pillows for these trips.
On domestic flights, first class passengers will get a lighter non-
Design the blanket, according to Rod Ritz.
\"We decide the strategy based on the customer needs that are usually related to the length of the trip,\" said Rod rigz . \".
\"We will not consider providing these products to every customer on every flight, not necessarily because of the cost, but because of the waste.
We want to provide a meaningful customer experience that meets the needs of our customers.
\"Whether it\'s a senior designer product in the United States or a non-
The brand blankets and Pillow heads are reused, Rod rigz explains, but only after they are removed and cleaned by an outside company will the company repackage them and then put them again
\"When the products arrive on the ship, they are packed in plastic,\" said Rod rigz . \".
\"This is a sign that they were cleaned.
If they are opened, they are cleaned even if they are not actually used.
\"Last year, travel sites Skift and Fox News reported that airlines had let passengers take their high
Pillows and blankets.
\"This is not the problem we are facing today,\" said Rod rigz . \" He explained that the novelty of these items is likely to be worn out.
Another airline, JetBlue, offers customers who fly in their core seats the opportunity to buy new neck pillows and $5 blankets for $6.
\"This approach enables us to provide high levels for our customers.
\"High quality reusable products,\" spokesperson Juliana Brian explained in an email . \".
\"As a very sustainable airline, we strongly encourage our customers to keep neck pillows and blankets for future use.
\"However, the airline\'s senior Mint passengers can be customized --
Brian said the pillows and blankets were collected and cleaned during use.
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