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How is Qihao positioned?
Ningbo Qihao International Trade co., Ltd. is a brand focused on selling high quality Qihao at affordable price. Efforts have been made to control the production cost, from raw material to production process and to quality control. The pricing is made after systematic market research.

At present, Qihao is in a leading position in terms of domestic production scale and product quality. The gel memory foam pillow series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. All Qihao products have undergone rigorous quality checks before reaching to customers. It helps the user to get great rest and nice sleep. The product is characterized by practicality, comfort and art. It is very popular among modern people has has been exported to many countries. Its cover is removable and can be both hand washed and machine washed.

Although as a small and medium-sized enterprise, our company has been striving to be the best firm memory foam pillow supplier. Check now!
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