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how hollywood gets fed: a lesson in craft service

by:Qihao      2019-08-31
When Napoleon said that \"the army is traveling on his own stomach,\" he said the army, but he also said Hollywood.
Filmmakers have long working hours and tight schedules, and they rely on calories to keep their work --
In any competition, care and feeding will depend on the craft service.
The craft service, literally, does not help the Stars much, but it also helps the crew a lot: \"craft\" workers such as grip, gaffers, master of the estate, clothingup artists.
Today, the job is known for its lavish snacks for workers and actors --all day long. \"The actor [who]
Each box office is $20 million, and fresh lobster can be flown by air every day.
\"It\'s not a problem,\" said Craig konover, who used to work in the process Services Department and now works for local unions.
\"But it\'s people who are dragging things around the lights and cameras who need this food so they can finish their work day after day --14-, 16-hour days —
In some reasonable comfort.
\"Not just the food of the past, the craft service did not process the food at all because there was no free food service in the studio.
The actors just put their food in a brown bag and have a break for lunch.
Universal Studios began the tradition of rolling coffee and donuts carts to each stage --
Everyone puts a nickel in the Cup in the morning.
But the hours on the set really started to extend.
\"Now you\'re having problems with people getting tired and hungry,\" says Conover . \".
\"So, who wants pizza?
We let the process service personnel do it.
\"The process Services Department is already doing some strange work: digging a hole to put the camera on the ground and laying protective materials on the set --
And clean up.
For example, after a movie car accident, the craft services department will clean up the broken glass.
Conover tells the story of an old man about the movie Elephant, which \"Stripped\" a meal at the scene: someone nearby ran over to clean it up, \"the craft service stopped him, no, no!
It may look bad for you, but it\'s my bread and butter.
Bread and butter. . .
More and more have become an important production site.
It specializes in hot meals, but all the snacks in the meal room are in the category of manual service.
Charlie Scott has been feeding people on the movie set for 15 years.
His latest job is in the film \"Burlesque\" starring Christina Aguilera, Stanley Tucci and Cher.
Scott worked long hours;
No matter how long he has been on the set, he will wake up in the morning
Call around 4: 30m.
Today, he needs to keep about 250 people fed and hydrated, so he will travel all day to various shops and supermarkets to buy fresh bagels, donuts and snacks.
\"I have been doing this for so long and there is no need to keep the list,\" Scott said . \".
\"Sometimes I go to the store and buy 130 things --never a list.
\"In the supermarket, Scott grabbed lettuce, a few radishes and celery as a salad and vegetable platter.
He piled bananas, oranges, mangoes, pineapples and strawberries in the trolley.
\"More and more film audiences are paying attention to health,\" he said . \"(
Although he already has enough chips, candy and chocolate on the set. )
\"They eat all day,\" Scott said . \".
Lunch is only half an hour.
There won\'t be any leftovers either.
\"By the end of the day, everything will disappear,\" he said . \".
His shopping cart broke down in the morning. $260.
\"Middle\" snacks worth 67.
By the end of the day, he will spend $1,000 on snacks for 250 people. This 250-
Compared to Scott\'s time working in The Longest Yard, the character movie set is nothing
Adam Sandler\'s 2005 football film.
Scott recalled that there were 5,000 extra 30 days in the stands during the summer months.
This does not even include the crew.
\"I have a crew just for the water,\" Scott said . \".
\"I also have a crew to clean up.
The other crew is just for food.
\"It\'s all about preparing the film, which was filmed at Sony Studios in Culver City, California.
Scott prepares food, cuts fruit and vegetables in a trailer hundreds of yards from the studio stage door.
His son, Charlie Scott III, helped with him in the trailer.
The two swindlers have been working together for nine years.
\"A lot of the time, when parents are in the business, they really don\'t see their children,\" Scott (the son)says.
\"In the morning, you know, Dad will be there.
Like death and taxes.
\"Charlie Scott III took a large fruit platter from the trailer to stage 23 and put it on 12-foot-
Long table not far from the set.
The table was full of food his father bought this morning.
People walk, see, graze.
At different times of the day, people gather in groups on the table.
The core and soul of frustration in the trailer Charlie Sr
Turn on the switch on the mixer.
He is making a special fruit smoothie for people who are uncomfortable at the scene. (
Strawberries, blueberries, bananas. . .
\"I gave her some natural fruit,\" he explained . \". )
But Charlie and Charlie have nothing to waste.
And a helper)
Prepare for the next round of snacks.
Glen Gino of Sony Screen Gems says veteran craft services like Charlie Scott are the most important --
He is good for his stomach and spirit.
\"He was definitely the first person on the set. \" Gainor says.
\"When everyone is struggling at 6 in the morning, he has to make sure the coffee is on and the coffee is hot.
Charlie is always happy to see you with a smile. . . .
The mind and soul and spirit were taken care of on that truck.
\"Maintain the supply of food.
Keep the place clean. Mr.
The manual service of Charles Scott kept the long day going. . .
The next day, the next day began again.
A spaceship landed.
Human beings become incarnations.
People in cloaks can fly.
For decades, special effects have made movies magical. Big-
$ Or ultra low
The budget, the goal is the same: Scare, fool or stimulate the audience.
For large films like Avatar, various special effects companies have spent many years on the project.
One of them, the legacy effect, has about 120 people looking at the appearance of the inhabitants of the alien moon Pandora.
However, special effects also occur in a smaller range.
In a narrow trailer in Van Nuys, California.
Two guys mixed fake blood in C a slasher sceneL. A. S. S. (
Suicide on behalf of criminal law and students).
Budget is too low. $1 million —
The filmmaker is filming the final scene of the film at producer Sheldon Robbins\'s aunt\'s house.
Robbins spent all his money on special effects makeup.
\"The most important thing is to make sure my Kills don\'t look cheesy,\" he said . \".
Jerry Constantine is going to commit a makeup murder.
Constantine did special effects make-up work on Benjamin Barton, watch and Van Helsing\'s curious case.
Usually, for bloody scenes, Constantine will install plastic pipes on the actor\'s back and use a syringe on the spot to ignite fake blood through the pipes.
But not on this budget.
\"The two of them have no time --
\"I need an hour of makeup to pull the actors, stick the appliances to it, and then spray blood,\" Constantine explained . \".
So we pretended to come out.
\"After the throat is cut, the audience will see the actor. (
Sorry, but it\'s all fictional.
Remember, believe. )
First of all, Constantine\'s neck is very thin.
The size of the latex foam and cut a horizontal seam in the middle.
Michael measured, Constantine\'s assistant-
They have been making movies together for 11 years.
Constantine held the piece to the actor\'s neck and declared it would work perfectly, so they stuck it on it.
The two men work together, just like the reverse surgeon (
Wearing black surgical gloves)
Lines of Contantin powder foam meeting the skin.
He applied all kinds of pink on fake meat with a sponge dipped in makeup, and then sprayed on some tan freckles.
It looks like a woman\'s natural neck, but there is a big empty seam in the middle.
Now, the cuts begin.
We will cut off before it gets too bloody (as it were)
Give some special effects enthusiasts who work on Avatar.
Avatar\'s special effects company, Big League, is a descendant of Stan Winston\'s studio.
Winston teamed up with Avatar director James Cameron to film his Terminator film, creating threatening robots from the future. (
Winston also found aliens and breakthrough dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. )
Winston\'s studio began working with Cameron on Avatar in 2006, but Winston died of cancer in 2008.
Winston\'s 25-year protester, John Rosen grant, and some others in the studio, began the traditional effect in honor of their friends and mentors.
They continue to work in Avatar, creating professional props such as a huge armored mobile platform (AMP)
Looks like a suit for a leg tank.
The AMP is displayed in the warehouse of traditional effects, where all of their films, TV and commercial props, as well as makeup effects, are made.
The amplifier represents 13.
5 feet high, made up of 200 different partshand-
Details of metal texture are recommended.
\"It\'s like the Apache helicopter came across an alien power loader,\" Rosen Grant said . \" He made three Terminator films.
Next to the AMP set in the warehouse is a group of professional props library of rogues: Avatar scorpion cockpit; the T-
600 robots and two-
To terminate the turret tank of salvation;
And iron dealer of Iron Man.
Rosen Grant and his team also created fake legs worn by actor Sam Worthington in Avatar.
They found a Sam.
Young man-
His paralysis did not stop him from playing basketball.
Made a model with his leg.
\"We finished them with silicon and hit a few hairs on them. [
Artificial limbs
\"I will tie Sam to him and his legs will fall into the hole in the wheelchair,\" explains Rosen Grant . \".
\"I think it is important to make sure that this is convincing, because it does sell Jack\'s idea of freedom as an avatar, not the way he is trapped on Earth.
Rosen Grant\'s team also conceived the look of Pandora\'s navi --
With their huge eyes
The team chose snow leopard\'s eyes as inspiration and played with the colors to make them more golden and green.
Rosen Grant said: \"You always learn from nature because you try to make incredible things believable.
\"Now, going back to the slanderous, making it incredibly credible is a big order for a small budget, but special effects makeup artist Jerry Constantine and Mike Mesmer are still working on C. L. A. S. S.
So far, they have made the skin of the artificial limbs and movements look completely natural.
Constantine adds cotton in the horizontal slit area.
He is creating what he calls \"meat.
\"Cotton will bring size to the wound area after it is painted red and looks like blood.
Then, with a small spatula, Constantine applied something on it that looked like a raspberry jelly. And ick —
Suddenly it seems that blood is thick.
\"Here it starts to look like what it looks like,\" says Constantine . \". And it does.
You want to turn away and it looks so real.
With all the premium special effects in the movies these days, it\'s hard to believe that Constantine and Messi are still doing the old ones --fashioned way.
But even in big studios like traditional effects, \"cuts\" are alive well.
Alan Scott, one of them.
The owner of the estate and Stan Winston protesters are on the side of the old method.
\"The technology used in the special makeup effects of the past 100 is still working,\" Scott said . \".
Digital blood isn\'t that chaotic, he says, but you also don\'t have actors who react to visually horrible things.
\"If you just have a tennis ball you\'re playing, it\'s hard to understand that there\'s a 30-
\"Foot creatures are trying to eat you,\" Scott said . \".
Scott and Rosen Grant were inspired by all the classic horror movies
Frankenstein, Mummy
And actors like Boris Karlov and Lang Chaney.
In fact, Scott said he wanted to be a complete one. Zombie movies.
\"This is part of our foundation,\" he said . \"
We like horror.
My wife doesn\'t understand, but that\'s my entire Netflix library.
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