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how a new pillow can help you sleep well and feel better too

by:Qihao      2019-08-31
Not good sleep?
Do you have insomnia once or twice a week?
If so, you are one of 75% Americans with the same problem.
Does the pain make you toss and turn from your physical comfort three nights a week?
If your answer is, you could have interrupted the break, according to a survey by the National Sleep Federation.
The shelf life of the pillow material should not be medium strong or too thick, so it will align with your neck.
If not, you may have a headache, feel stiff and numb, pain, and insomnia.
Four or so pillows are good. to-five years;
Remember to buy a new one in two years.
If it exceeds its golden age, you may find that mold and mites will gain weight.
For those who like to sleep on their backs, you need the right pillow to support your back.
You may experience back pain if it is the right intensity.
If you fold the pillow, it will highlight your head forward and make you feel nervous and sore in your neck.
Memory foam pillow is an option that shapes the natural curve of the neck.
If you can afford an expensive, dense mat, it will give you more support.
You can also consider the thinner pillow and the extra cushion pillow on the bottom to support your neck.
These pillows can provide reliable support when you change your position while sleeping.
Another idea is to place a second pillow under your back, such as a wedge or cushion.
These pillows can provide reliable support when you change your sleeping position.
Or try to clip a second one under your knee to relieve pressure on your back, such as a wedge or pillow.
When sleeping on the left or right side, plug a pillow between the knees.
This will strengthen your spine and keep it straight.
Or consider a leg.
Fix the pillow between the knees.
This will help relieve stress from the hips to the ankles.
If you have back pain, it can relieve the pressure on your lumbar spine.
When you\'re in bed, put a medium
There\'s a strong cushion under your head.
It should fill the gap between the ear and the outside shoulder.
Don\'t sleep on your stomach.
If you do, it may cause potential pain to your neck and lower back.
Snuggling together with a huge body pillow will give you a similar feeling.
When you sleep sideways, your body will feel comfortable with the correct support.
It is three times longer than the King --size bed.
Or put a thin, almost flat pillow under your stomach.
If your pillow is one of the 35% pillows --
80% people with neck pain will consider trying two different types of pillows.
Memory foam and water
The pillow is ideal for you, and it is anti-allergic.
If you choose a drink made of water, it can relieve chronic neck pain, reduce the frequency of headaches and improve sleep.
If you are sick from allergies or asthma, try synthetic fibers.
It may help you feel better.
A feather pillow can make it worse overnight.
Protect yourself by using anti-pollen, pet dandruff and mitesallergy cover.
These pillows make you feel good.
After a good night\'s sleep. Natural dust-
Anti-biting agents such as wool and silk can also alleviate this situation.
If you or your partner snore
Snoring pillows can help you fall asleep quickly.
They cleverly move your head to the \"sniff\" position to give you neck support.
Open the airline and you will find it easy to breathe.
And it doesn\'t cause other problems like neck pain.
Due to a recent study in 2005, it showed positive results in some people.
Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition during sleep.
It can cause you to breathe, stop breathing, or raise your blood pressure.
Depression and esophageal disease
Reflux Disease of stomach and esophagus
Also linked to it.
Please see a doctor if you think you may have stomach and esophageal disease.
If you are a expectant mother, back pain is expected in the eighth and ninth months of pregnancy.
To encourage the flow of blood between the two main blood vessels passing through, lift your stomach.
This will help to remove the stress of the ligaments.
To minimize the pressure on the hips and lower back, let the knee hold another pillow.
Avoid sleeping on your back.
Put a pillow or two under your head and a pillow under your belly to raise your belly.
To provide comfort to your lumbar spine, support another small cushion between the lower back and the bed. Or try a full-
Body Pillow, shaped like a huge pillow or pillow. \" Stuff ItDown-
The most common filling in a pillow is a feather, foam, or polyester filling.
Memory foam and latex pillows are now popular for those who need more neck support.
Choosing the right pillow depends on how you feel on a certain day.
It is recommended that you choose multiple types.
There are many uses for these pillows.
For example, if one day your neck hurts and looks good the next day, then the same pillow may not be for you.
If you exceed your budget, consider polyester fibers that mimic feathers like Primloft.
Other cheaper alternatives may be pure, but they don\'t last long.
Keep these tips in mind when you buy a new pillow or two, even a professional Pillow: The price is not right.
It may be suitable for your neck if it is expensive.
It depends on how it supports you and your neck.
How long can cheap also stick.
Give it a sense of testing.
If you are buying a new pillow and are allowed to lie on the bed, there is a feeling of testing.
If not, lean the pillow against the wall and get ready to sleep.
Lean on it and ask the sales rep if your neck looks straight.
Align with your spine.
Cervical pillow: they add more support to the lower part to rest the neck.
Although it has a wide range of fabrics and forms, they can help.
A recent study shows that it does not have enough evidence to recommend a pillow or object to a pillow.
Water pillow: it has a layer of water between polyester fillers.
Add water and create your own pillow size.
Chiropractors and physical therapists love it because you can customize it with water
Make density and support.
Cool pillows: filled with small pillows that absorb and take away the heat from the head.
This is the perfect antidote if you encounter hot flashes and night sweats as the lower part of the pillow hits your face will be cool, so the lower part of the pillow will be cool. Oxygen-
Promoting pillows: this new technology of sock fabric pillows helps circulation in diabetic patients, according to a study.
It can also increase oxygen levels by up to 29% through tiny blood vessels.
From another report, it relieved the pain.
Location pillows: these useful pillows are designed for you if you sleep on the side, back or abdomen.
Make sure it gives you the comfort and support you need.
If you have lower back pain, try putting a pillow under your legs or between your legs while sleeping.
It was recommended by my physical therapist four years ago and it was like a charm.
I have been doing this since then.
Since I brought a new pillow four years ago, it made me feel better and grabbed some ZZs every night to prevent neck cramps or lower back pain.
If you consider buying a new pillow, it may heal your troubles and give you a good night\'s sleep.
Give it a try and see yourself.
You may be surprised how wonderful it is to change the pillow and feel better the next day.
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