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Hire Baby Products That Help You Carry Your Baby

by:Qihao      2020-10-20
If you are a working parent or have to travel a lot, carrying your little ones along is a big task, as you have to ensure their safety as well as comfort while you drive. There are thousands of brands, models, colours and sizes of baby car seats that are a must-have accessory in cars with baby on board. While each company claims to provide 100% safety and comfort to your child with their car seats, Safe n Sound car seats are accepted world-wide as the best baby car seats. As the name suggests, Safe n Sound car seats are absolutely safe for your infant and can be adjusted for growing children. In Australia, it is mandatory to have a baby car seat if you are travelling with a baby on board. The name and reliability of Safe n Sound has made it a household name in the country, with a large number of cars having installed Safe n Sound car seats for their babies. There are large number of models and types available to purchase or hire baby products from Safe n Sound. Some of these models include Safe n Sound Meridian AHR 0-4, Safe n Sound Compaq 0-4, Safe n Sound SafeKeeper 0-4, Safe n Sound Sleep n Recline Convertible Car Seat and Safe n Sound Maxi Rider. Meridian AHR 0-4 : This car seat is suitable for babies aged 0-4 years and come with cushioned baby insert for additional comfort. The deep side wings and EPS foam liner in the car seat provides additional protection in case of side impact accident. Manual harness adjustment, large canopy, storage pocket, heardrest cover, rearward and forward facing seat belt lock, messy mat, shoulder harness pads and sliding retracting stabilising bar are some of the other features of this model. Compaq 0-4 : This is another baby car seat designed for babies aged 0-4 years. The slim-line design of the car seat is perfect for compact cars and its narrow width allows for better access to seat belt buckle. Deep side wings for side impact protection, hassle free harness, EPS layer, sliding retractable stabilising bar, 3 reclining positions and adjustable harness with push button are other key features of this model. Safekeeper 0-4 : Some useful features of this Safe n Sound car seat include rearward facing mode (for children up to 12 months old) and forward facing mode for children older than 12 months to 4 years. It also comes with deep contoured side wings for added protection and can be converted from baby car seat to toddler car seat as your baby grows. Sleep n Recline Convertible Car Seat : For babies up to 12 months old, rearward facing mode can be used in the Sleep n Recline seat and forward facing mode can be utilised for babies as old as 12 months to 4 years old. Additional features of this car seat include head pillow, shoulder pads, messy mat, and deep contoured side wings. Maxi Rider : This is another popular Safe n Sound car seat that can be converted from forward facing seat to booster seat with the help of an in-built harness. Deep side wings and EPS foam liner are provided for additional protection in a side impact accident. Shoulder harness pads, high back seat, luxurious fabrics, additional cushioning and padding, manual harness adjustment and arm rest are some of the additional features of this seat. There are a number of online portals, such as Baby Savings CO, that allow you to hire baby products for short term as well as long term basis, so that you can use the products for as long as your baby is an infant.
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