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high court slaps notice on railways for smelly sheets in ac coaches | bhopal news - times of india

by:Qihao      2019-08-30
Bhopal: Court of the central state high court (MPHC)
Notice has been delivered to the railway board other than the Ministry of Railways, Gwalior, Jhansi and Allahabad divisions advising them to provide smelly, dyed, torn bed rolls and pillows for air-conditioned passengersAC)
Coaches across India
Gwalior GmbH of HC issued a notice after PIL requested the closure of the tender works for washing bed rolls and blankets to private contractors.
Respondents were asked to submit a response within four weeks.
Petitioner Awdesh Singh Bhadoria said: \"The sheets are owned, cleaned and supplied by small contractors, Rs 25 per bedroom.
They do not change sheets and blankets every year, which is why they do not.
He said: \"It\'s not that I got a dirty sheet but that I met several passengers who complained that the coach waiter gave them dirty, torn sheets, blankets and pillows.
Bhadoria said there was significant corruption in the bidding process and passengers were forced to bear the consequences.
\"I have seen the AC coach\'s sheets being small-
Near the polluted rivers and sewers, the time laundry operators are cleaning them up.
It is not hygienic and can bring infection to people who use these.
\"Whether it\'s CBI or rail alert, there\'s no bother to do a surprise check on the inside of the coach.
\"None of the contractors follow the conditions once they win the bid.
\"The Ministry of Railways should take over the work of the contractor and carry out mechanized cleaning by setting up its own laundry so that responsibility can be determined,\" the petitioner said . \".
On 2012, a judge of the Madras high court sent a letter to the general manager of the Southern Railway complaining about the bed rolls that were smelly and dirty to him and the other passengers on the AC Class II bus.
\"It was a judge who pointed out that used and smelly bed rolls were provided to passengers.
Ranjeet Phalke, a social activist at Gwalior, asked: \"I don\'t know what the railroad is waiting . \".
\"Red tape and lack of proper supervision continue to make it a nightmare to take the train running on the Western Railway,\" he said . \".
According to the rules, sheets should be used only once, and the railway should ensure that the train carries a sufficient number of fresh sheets on its return trip.
But few people follow it.
The South Railway took over the supply of sheets and sheets by establishing a washing plant capable of cleaning 1,000 sheets.
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