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here\'s what you need to know before your next flight

by:Qihao      2019-08-27
Since there have been so many extras for free stuff in the past, your flight can be uncomfortable if you are not ready.
Flight is a necessary evil for many of us.
I know that for myself, small things can make a big difference throughout my flight experience.
With the coming of the flu season, it can be difficult to stay healthy and comfortable.
Since there have been so many extras for free stuff in the past, your flight can be uncomfortable if you are not ready.
Here are some suggestions to make sure you are as comfortable and healthy as possible at 30,000 feet.
The first thing I did when I got on the plane was to wipe the seat, tray table and armrests.
Don\'t hesitate to clean up the corner of your plane!
The frequency of aircraft cleaning is lower than most people think, and your aircraft may not have been cleaned in the last few trips.
This makes it the best place to catch one of many bugs at this time of year.
Take a sanitized wipe and start working.
The air inside the aircraft cabin is as dry as the desert, so keeping moisture is a great help to keep healthy.
Drink plenty of water throughout the flight so your lungs, skin and everything else will work properly.
Still, it\'s not a good idea to drink water from the airplane bathroom.
Bring bottled water to brush your teeth and brush your teeth.
Water tests conducted on 14 different flights found bacteria, including salmonella, Staphylococcus, and even tiny insect eggs swimming in the water.
I don\'t know what will happen if it\'s not enough to convince you.
Apart from avoiding tap water, stay away from any food that can cause gas or swelling, as the effect can actually be worse in high altitude areas. Enough said.
For the sake of safety, there are always snacks on the plane.
These will also come in handy if you are stuck on a runway or on a flight without catering;
You will be happy to eat something if you are hungry. If in-
Provide a flight meal and ask the flight attendants which one they prefer.
The chance is that one is better than the other.
These are the same as the flight attendants, so they know which one tastes the best and is the easiest to eat. Nowadays, in-
Flight entertainment is not always available.
Before you go to the airport, see if your plane will be built-
On the screen, or if you have to use your personal device to access the entertainment.
You don\'t want to get stuck in Reading
Because you don\'t know how to bring your own screen or pre-
Download the app for airlines.
Or, bring a good book as a backup!
Once you get settled with your family
Note, however, the threat of deep venous thrombosis (or blood clots)
Very real at high altitude.
Do your best to avoid risk by walking as much as possible.
It is not always convenient when you are sitting in a window seat, but it is very important to keep your blood circulation, so politely apologize to your neighbors and stand up for a break.
If you keep moisture, you can do it by getting up and going to the toilet often, so have a drink!
Next, your flights will not always provide free blankets and mats, they are not always the cleanest even if they are available.
I like to bring personalized comfort.
Pack some items to make sure I\'m as comfortable as possible, especially during long flights.
A good book, memory foam neck pillow, blanket/large scarf, earbuds, eye mask, lip balm, toothbrush/toothpaste, painkillers, lotion, etc.
One of my favorite tricks is to fill your empty water bottle (
After you finished drinking! )
Use hot water as an instant hot water bottle when the plane gets cold.
Whatever you like, create your own package and be prepared for each flight.
Last tip.
To avoid any creepy crawling on the plane, such as lice or bed bugs, consider using a headrest cover or full seat cover.
To avoid bringing home any unwanted guests, these can even be placed on your luggage.
There are many things to choose from online, and the price is not too expensive. Happy travels!
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