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here\'s what you can — and can\'t — pinch from your hotel

by:Qihao      2019-09-03
Letter for the Daily Mail, Sophia Money-
Coutts reveals items you can choose fromand can\'t —
From your hotel.
It\'s paradise to stay in a luxury hotel, right?
Big bed, sponge carpet, bathtub, you can sit the rugby team inside, and sometimes in the toilet in Japan with all kinds of exciting buttons.
You usually have a pair of smart slippers next to your bed and a fluffy dressing gown in the bathroom.
There is also a mini bar. But should you?
Are Australian nuts free or not? Hmmm!
This is the problem with the hotel.
What you can bring home and what you can\'t bring home is often unclear.
There can be passive offensive notes on the umbrella (
\"If you want to take me home, please talk to the front desk,\" in a Belfast hotel where I recently stayed, a card hanging on brolly says)
But there may be no signs at all.
You didn\'t want to pack a dressing gown \"accidentally\" and found that you were later stung by a large bill (duh!
They have your credit card information).
According to a recent survey, one out of every ten hotel guests stole at least one thing from the room.
So as the holiday approaches, I \'ve consulted some hotel insiders to learn that you can or can\'t avoid any embarrassment when you\'re out.
While you have to hand it over to a drunk guest who once tried to leave the Hotel du Vin Birmingham with a boar head, he has taken it off the wall.
The staff caught him before he ran away (
Later, the friend of the guest returned to the hotel and bought his head for his wedding gift, which is a joke)—
However, despite this, it is important to try toiletries.
This is obvious.
You can always bring small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, etc, which are not only the perfect choice for traveling, but feel much more luxurious than the thin strips of Imperial Leather at home.
However, clean up your bathroom every day and hide these miniatures in your luggage so housekeeping has to change them over and over again.
Again, in the corridor outside, walk past an unattended trolley and cram your pocket with a bottle.
Be careful of hotels that leave large bottles of products in the bathroom, just like Soho House hotel.
This is a growing trend as it is more eco-friendly than giving away hundreds of small plastic bottles, but if you plug a large bottle into Li Zhong when you go out, you have to pay. Slippers .
\"Very good,\" said Sean Davenport, the housekeeper at the Savoy Hotel . \". \"We never re-
You can go home with your shoelaces.
\"If you happen to have a reserve of £ 8,500 (NZ$16,500)
You might consider staying in the Royal Suite in Golin, which is right behind Buckingham Palace, where Kate Middleton spent the night before her wedding to Prince William in 2011.
As part of the package, they go home with a personalized dressing gown and a tow lace for you, embroidered with your initials.
I think Kate is still wearing her clothes at Kensington house. Umbrellas.
With this, you should think twice before you go.
Some hotels don\'t mind, but not all of them.
David Young, head of concierge at the Brown Hotel in Mayfair, said they would not charge Brom people because it feels like penny-pinching.
Because Brown\'s umbrella is branded, he said: \"and their marketing is very good . \"
Like many of the top hotels, David says they have adopted the same policy for a variety of items in the room, including morning clothes and towels.
We will look at it on a case-by-case basis. If it\'s a long-
Semester guests, we will not email them about lost towels.
If you have any questions, ask. Fruit.
If you check in somewhere and get a fruit bowl, you can only eat so many apples in a day.
You are not an ape, put the rest in your luggage.
You won\'t be judged. Stationery . Go for it.
David Yang of the Brown Hotel said that taking the brand\'s paper and pen will help promote the name of the hotel elsewhere. In super-
Luxury hotels, such as the Savoy Hotel, when you check in, you will find the title hotel letterhead on a table with your name on it, which says you are in that hotelUse it.
Write to someone you know.
Make sure anyone you \'ve met realizes that you\'re a very great person to stay in a very luxurious hotel. Pillows .
In recent years, the smart hotel has increased its stakes in bathroom linen and bedding.
You often have a pillow menu to choose from right now. Memory foam? Goose feather?
The lower abdomen of rare Yak?
As a result, in a hotel in London, a series of pillow theft incidents occurred, and they began to send notes to the guests saying, \"We are glad you enjoyed our pillows so much, an invoice is attached \".
If you like bedding, ask the hotel where they came from, says David Young.
They will be happy to help.
Apart from making you a thief, it\'s terrible to steal something that many other people have slept. Hats .
\"The bowler hat in our Charlie Chaplin suite has been missing for a while,\" said Sean davenren of Savoy . \".
At the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, the concierge\'s top hat once spent a week at the hotel.
\"He always loses,\" said a source . \".
\"When he drives them to meet the guests in front of the hotel, he leaves it in the car and he has to chase them when they drive away.
\"But one day it disappeared and came back to the Post a week later.
\"It seems like a drunk guest took it from the front desk and then felt guilty when he went home and sent it back. The Bible.
The tradition of the Bible being left in a hotel room dates back to Victorian times when a group called the business traveller Christian Association said it would provide comfort for travelers.
Few people have found the Bible in the room these days, but occasionally you will find one in the bedside table.
However, it is very bad karma to steal a copy, so be sure to put it back.
Battery for TV remote control.
The problem is very common and some hotels are now screwing down their remote control panels so that the batteries cannot be taken away. Tragic.
What\'s worse is that when you leave, you accidentally \"wrap\" the remote control.
It has gone beyond pale. Loo roll.
If you get home and your bag will burst out with toilet rolls like some kind of abnormal theft freak, then I\'m sorry you need professional help.
Purex is widely used.
Don\'t bend so low.
But travel must be reduced.
Size bag of cotton wool pad and earbuds and hide them in your cosmetics-
Up bag for future eyeliner/eyeshadow-
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