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Heated Body Pillows for Better Sleep in Pregnancy

by:Qihao      2020-10-03
Body pillows and heated body pillows are designed not only to assure you of a good night's sleep but also to help alleviate various kinds of body aches and pains. Also if you suffer with allergies there are special ones designed for you too. After research work, many companies have introduced ranges of special body pillows for your specific needs, many of these are often designed with pregnant women in mind. Pregnancy body pillows are specifically designed to alleviate many different types of stress caused by hip pressure to lack of back and tummy support. Figure out exactly what stresses are most bothersome to you and look for the pillow designed for your needs. Heated body pillows are a more recent development of the body pillow, they are ideal for those living in cooler climates or for those just looking for something nice and warm to snuggle up to if your partner is not around. You can now buy low voltage heated body pillows that convert your 120 Volts supply down to 16 Volts. It might also be a way of cutting down on your energy bills by just heating you up rather than the whole room, ideal for curling up with on the sofa to watch a late night film too. You may already have found out what will suit you in the design of the body pillow if you have been using several pillows to support different parts of your body already. Failing that, read customer reviews, which can be found on a lot of websites these days, to see if there is someone there who has been helped that had similar problems to you. Body pillows are available in a variety of options: full body, full body memory foam pillows that adjust to the contours of your body; smaller pillows designed to soothe and prevent specific problems like back, hip and upper shoulder pain; simple wedges that slide under your growing belly particularly in the later stages of pregnancy and more intricately shaped pillows that support your mid-section and hips. The materials used in these pillows range from hypoallergenic pillows, containing synthetic down that helps prevent allergy triggers, to natural down, but even down can be treated to prevent the likelihood of allergic reactions. So whatever your preference there should be one to suit you. Remember that a body pillow can be used again or you can continue use even after the baby is born, as many maternity pillows are also designed to help in nursing and cradling your baby too. Body pillows come in a range of prices, but where something so important as your comfort and well-being is concerned they are not really very expensive at all. This value for money is especially true when compared to standard good quality pillows.
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