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health and safety myths unmasked

by:Qihao      2019-08-29
Bubbles banned from children\'s birthday parties, toothpicks taken from restaurants and unmade hotel cribs are one of the health and safety myths that have been exposed over the past year.
Director of Health and safety (HSE)
He said a group set up last year reported more than 150 cases to crack down on \"staff\" who use the security law as a trick to ban legal activity \".
Officials say people hide behind health and safety to cover up bad customer service or fear of being sued.
The cases referred to by the panel included the bar refusing to provide pints in glasses with handles, a hotel saying they could not provide rare burgers and toothpicks in the restaurant were taken away, school celebrations and birthday parties that refuse to use bubble machines prohibit the use of shredded paper.
Judith Hackett, HSE chairman, said: \"We have never stopped being surprised by the cases we are considering.
Why do people think they can get away with banning pints with handles, bubbles at birthday parties, or anything other than a well-done burger, claiming they are health and safety hazards?
\"The reality is that when people do things for other reasons, they hide behind health and safety --
Worried about being sued or bad customer service.
Now is the time for them to acknowledge their true motives.
\"The sad fact is that while all this nonsense is being spread, it masks the true meaning of health and safety --
Make sure people go home every day without getting hurt at their work.
\"In another case, a couple was told that the hotel waitress could not tidy up the crib for their son due to health and safety regulations.
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