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Head trauma is nothing to be taken lightly

by:Qihao      2019-09-05
The death of actress Natasha Richardson was tragic.
A beautiful, vital 45-year-
Old ski lessons and waterfalls.
She got up, refused medical treatment and returned to the hotel.
From there, there was a terrible turning point in the story.
She was ill, sent to a hospital, and then to another hospital, and finally to a third hospital near her home, and two days later, she died of brain injury caused by an epidural hematoma.
Her family, friends and fans were shocked.
How can an innocent thing like a ski fall kill you?
Because, neurologists say, the brain is complex, but a delicate organ.
It is very fragile and needs to be taken seriously.
Even the head impact can cause losses.
Unfortunately, I know it all too well.
13 years ago, my husband and daughter had a terrible car accident on the Florida toll road.
On our way to Orlando, our car was hit by a driver who was driving asleep.
Although we all tied our seat belts, our car suddenly turned and hit a bridge embankment.
My husband\'s head came out of the side window and hit the windshield and concrete.
When the EMS staff found us, there seemed to be a battle: burning cars, debris.
Because my husband had large pieces of meat on his head, there was blood everywhere.
I was not hurt and my daughter cut a small piece from the flying glass.
They put us in an ambulance and took us to two different hospitals and my husband went to the local trauma center.
He stayed in the hospital for two days.
They stitched his forehead and sent him home, mentioning that he might want to see a doctor when he returns to Washington. C.
Although the whole thing was very painful, we left Florida three days later and my husband was driving a taxi.
Since he feels good and doesn\'t seem to have the urgency to get hurt, my husband goes back to work and has an appointment with his doctor for a CT scan two months later.
When he got off the stage, the radiologist sat him down and immediately called a neurologist.
When the doctor looked at the photo, his face turned pale and he asked my husband how long the accident had taken place.
My husband shrugged and said, \"it\'s been a few months.
Then the doctor told him not to move-
He plans to arrange the operation immediately.
My husband seems to have a hard argument that covers his entire brain.
According to MayoClinic.
It is usually formed by head trauma, causing a severe shock to the brain.
Many children with shaking baby syndrome have this type of injury.
Unlike the epidural hematoma, my husband\'s injury developed slowly and resulted in a huge bruising.
A wrong action could have caused him a stroke or caused permanent brain damage.
Although my husband passed the brain surgery smoothly, there is a lesson here.
Never take the head injury for granted.
When doctors looked at his scan in the Florida emergency room, they apparently did not see the bruises that later formed on his brain.
Because there are large and small blood vessels in the brain, head injuries can cause serious problems.
Studies have shown that even athletes with mild concussion will have neurological problems later in life.
There\'s nothing wrong with the brain.
Ironically, March is the consciousness month of brain injury.
While brain injuries are not as common as fractures, they do occur and many have serious consequences.
They need immediate treatment.
In this story, my husband was treated before suffering from brain damage.
He\'s lucky.
God bless her,
No Richardson.
Have you had head trauma?
Do you know anyone? What happened?
We want to hear the news.
Editor\'s note: Medical News is a popular but sensitive subject rooted in science.
We receive a lot of comments on this blog every day;
Not all of them are released.
We hope that there will be a lot of learning to share useful information and personal experience based on blog-based medical and health topics.
We encourage you to focus your comments on these medical and health topics and we appreciate your input.
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There\'s obviously a lot to know about this.
I think you also put forward some good views on functionality.
Kicked, ears rolled back and knocked out for at least two minutes, some move that happened in the past two weeks my head was dizzy, the head felt like it was spinning, I saw no doctor. I fell off the steps and hit my lower left skull half an inch thick glass edge on the hood on the stove.
It happened on Friday and it\'s Sunday afternoon.
I had a headache all the time, pain in my ears, hit the place when I fell.
Should I see a doctor?
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What should I do when my head stays on the car door for a few seconds. .
It hurts and now it looks swollen and hurts when I touch the affected area. .
Hurt like your fresh bruises are touched. .
What should I do?
My Moher snd u is going to tske to pick up the last few foods for Christmas at my friend\'s house and the next day I Park at the parking sign, the next thing is that I know I\'m at a loss to confuse the dog I \'ve been in the back, and if the car stops in frintbsear next to my Mims eig, simehiw was quickly led from her headI to everything that looked surrealism in Solola.
The young woman chased us at 80 miles an hour and asked if we were okay, if my 87-year-old okd mom was okSomeone, I will refuse while trying to clear my child. Someone called the police, but they came to frim Vehid VSBD,
I had no cell so had to drive home in very unstable conditions. My mother fainted and was hospitalized the next day. I was unable to put the headrest on the pillow, there were other areas around my neck, but could not think that head trauma was so extensive for many nsny months due to severe pain that I was able to drive, but when I finally went to bed with a neurologist, he did a munute check twice and said I had no organic annoyance, never ordered anything from ct scsn ir mri ir, this is a si called prestigous ligist, yes even my 3 medical degrees I know the better story in short, since then, I have suffered over and over again, and it is terrible to hit my head, because a serious spiritual fusion cannot see the lack, if hitting my head on something like the fridge burd csges carkuchen cabinets can cause serious nausea for a given week!
Where am I going here?
There are already three tearsI suffering from a severe allergy on my nose, but after my asthma snd allergy, I decided because I never recruited the necessary gelpCsused B poliio there, dusgnisus will not be beyro depone of beyi, I will die in the refrigerator of snd 29 mubs 5 days ago. But when the shelf hit my stove head, the muscles on the half fell off. The vangTge lump on Frisge is huge and bigger han sn egg and hyrts, if my head niw hyrts ascweIt will bleed inside, but none of my doctors was a few weeks before our grloung meMy dad fell off the ladder at work 2.
He suffered a lot of trauma in his head and was struggling on his way back.
He was found unconscious and flown to the nearest hospital.
When the doctor observed his brain through MRIs and CTs, he was severely sedated for several days.
Although he went above and beyond all the Drs beliefs, my father still had a long way to go.
Drs said he suffered a stroke from a head impact on the floor.
It turns out he can\'t move his entire left side.
Now, to everyone\'s surprise, my dad is walking around!
He broke his skull from the temple to the front of the temple and the bone under his eyes.
Swelling and bruises almost made him look beyond recognition.
As swelling began to fail to accept, Drs decided not to perform a reconstruction operation on the fracture under his eyes.
Now my dad is responsive and able to communicate and he is able to tell Drs where he was injured.
Two wrist fractures and two rib fractures were added to the list.
I thought of a big problem when I was writing this blog.
From this head trauma, my dad\'s left eye was not visible, and the shadow was barely visible to his right eye.
Drs says his eyes are not damaged, but the part of the brain that controls how we see is damaged.
No one knows if he can see it again.
So far, how quickly my dad has recovered in other areas has surprised everyone.
I was wondering if anyone else has lost sight due to head trauma?
If it is permanent, has anyone heard of surgery that can repair the damaged part of the brain?
A day ago, my office staff hit me twice with their hands near the back of my head.
Is there any problem? ?
The other day, I felt like I was sitting on a table, biting two teeth, and my lips broke very well.
I don\'t have much pain, but recently a pimples popped up on my forehead and eyebrows, and there was a pimples near my ears, is that a sign that something else might go wrong?
I hope the San Diego police know how important it is to have a head injury.
I was beaten and kicked my head and when my husband tried to use it to catch me off the ground he shook his head too and he shook hard, let my brain however, the San Diego police threw me on the wall and threatened me with a prison. . . .
It\'s hard enough to have brain damage, but know it\'s not serious and the whole city of San Diego is not taking it seriously.
I should never have suffered this kind of brain damage, and I hope the police will leave black eyes, fingerprints and all sorts of other serious bruises on some people\'s necks.
* How important is a head injury. Thank you for sharing this with all the people you really know what you\'re talking about! Bookmarked.
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The day after Houston was flooded, after returning home from Wal-Mart, I took my luggage at my neighbor\'s house, and when I got back outside to get more luggage, the carpet I walked outside had regular rugs, then the other one I stepped on I tried to catch on the wall and flew under the carpet into me and fell all the way and my head was so badly hit by cement. I went home and my son went to buy me some ice to put on my head so I wouldn\'t get swollen. Me! ! !
I took a sleeping pill on Friday night and went to bed.
I must have gone back to dinner and fell in the kitchen.
I only came to myself on Monday and found my brother with me.
I didn\'t realize what I was doing or what I was doing.
I fell many times over and over again.
I hit my head so big that there was no balance.
I had poor eyesight and saw things that were not there.
I didn\'t really get hurt until around Tuesday.
On Wednesday morning, I started to get sore.
I called an ambulance to the hospital.
The doctor did an MRI and told me there was a big lump in my brain.
I disagreed with him and told him that I wasn\'t okay until I fell down in the house and broke a lot of things including my wrist.
I am confused and have poor eyesight.
All of these symptoms improved except for a broken wrist and a knot on the head.
The next day he took me to the surgery and I was bleeding from the fall.
It wasn\'t until after the operation that I realized how hurt I was.
It\'s been 6 months since brain surgery and I\'m almost back to normal except to do things a little slower.
I used to do everything very fast and now I can\'t do anything anymore.
My brain can think quickly, but if I try to do things as quickly as I used to, my body doesn\'t work properly.
As long as I move a little slower, my coordination is fine.
I didn\'t need to think like washing dishes before.
If I turn my head when I reach out to get something, my hand will go somewhere else.
I have a small amt for short term memory loss.
I didn\'t know how smart I was until I lost some.
I think I\'m lucky to be alive.
The surgeon saved my life and I think he did a good job in the operation.
I know I could have gotten out of something worse.
I\'m continuing to improve.
I wish I could go back to 100%, but I won\'t know until the improvement stops.
I\'m 59 years old so I don\'t know how old it is and how big the brain damage is.
On August, at four o\'clock P. M. on 2008, after the final, I was knocked down by a car on my bike.
I went through the windshield and blew all the airbags out.
When the 92-year-old retired lawyer saw my bike, I was thrown into concrete like a doll.
The face landed forward on the street behind me.
Landing on my right is enough to break my right wrist into pieces.
I have glass and stone on my hair line.
I can\'t pass the math test.
I just got back to college to get my bachelor\'s degree.
I was at the junior college and tried to get two AA and I transferred there for three years with 92 credits.
Four years of failure at Luther College this spring.
I accept statistics over and over again and I guess they will be happy to watch me fail.
I hate people who think telling me I can do it when they can\'t and never bounce back.
Catscan not completed?
Hi, I am 61 years old and have a problem with vitamin B12 deficiency.
On Friday, May 2016, I jogged on the stairs outside to my apartment and I stepped on the top floor to hurt my starting toe.
I lost my balance and went back 15 concrete steps.
The ambulance was called, but the body was very hurt except for the 5 egg-shaped bumps on my head.
Nothing is broken.
So I \'ve been in bed for 2nd days now and I get really dizzy when I get up or turn over in bed.
Of course the head is sore, but should I go to the X-ray? .
Hello, you wrote great before, but a few recent articles are a bit boring . . . . . . I miss your wonderful work.
The past few posts are a bit off track! come on!
I had a head injury at work 24 years ago and the symptoms of depression and anxiety seemed to have penetrated into my personal life so much that I lost my family and social relationships.
My work has been canceled, claiming to have nothing to do with the work, according to my former employer, I have been suffering from mental problems since I was a child and have imposed an illegal intrusion order on me to prevent me from entering the city
Moved out of the city.
Some of the problems caused by injuries include depression and anxiety, chronic pain, cognition, memory and recall, attention, tissue skills, sleep dysfunction, basal artery ischemia, visual changes and behavioral problems.
Interestingly, I was told that everything was going to be OK, and when I was hit by a faulty wheelchair ramp, it was just a miner hitting the head, the Ontario government agency WSIB workplace security department declined and the Insurance Commission
The pension I paid when I retired was reduced, and the disability pension in Canada was reduced, all because of the minor injuries I was told 24 years ago.
I fell again from the camper steps to the groin step, which must be more humid than I thought.
As I walked down, both of my feet were under me.
When I fell to the ground, my wrist broke.
I don\'t remember if I hit my head.
I have had a problem since then.
I have had several other injuries, and since then I have had a mental derangement in both my feelings and pain, and my left foot also has a drooping foot, which makes me walk abnormally.
Yes, I did a cat scan, Madam, the doctor thought there was a stroke, no sign of Stoke or head injury, or anything else.
I was treated by several doctors and chiropractors and a licensed nutritionist, and I felt it helped me the most, I became very tired and it affected my liver, the kidneys and my nervous system, I am taking many different types of supplements to get back to my health.
I still feel a little dizzy, but I feel much better.
I did say it caused a behavioral problem.
I forgot to mention B 12, it is important that vitiam D can bring me back as much as I can.
It affected my heart and lung due to the drooping problem of my feet.
Can you believe that the doctor also helps me to see if the treatment is helpful?
I would like to thank Boiness for the treatment of my edema tissue.
I always wanted to try these treatments.
I want to save my relationship with my love for life, but it\'s late.
3 years ago I fell 15 feet on the concrete and the whole left oc my body is still in pain, severe headache, there is a feeling under my left shoulder, definitely pain.
I can only ask the doctor to do a back MRI for me, but there is no result, even though I am still in pain, for some reason they will not do a CT scan and say nothing can be found, but keep feeding me the addictive painkillers.
Can someone tell me what I have to do to be serious and get proper treatment?
I believe many things are wrong. Help please.
About 6 years ago, I fell down from the instant and lost consciousness for a while, but not sure how long, I was confused.
I did a CT and showed a subspinal hematoma.
Until today, the place where I hit my head still hurts when I feel it.
Why is it so long? This July 2016.
I have some small herb gardens in my home and I use them as baked goods and herbs.
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I will bookmark your website and also get the feed . . . . . . I am happy to find a lot of useful information in the submission and we would like to develop more strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing.
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I don\'t know what I might sort out without the actual concept you discussed about the subject.
However, it seems to me that it was a very terrible difficulty and encountered a well.
The written style of your handling of the issue made me cry with joy.
Now, I thank you for your support and trust you to know that you offer people a strong job through your web blog.
You never knew anyone of us, I\'m sure. THE 18 , 2016.
I had a quick meal and hit the back of my head.
My right eye still looks swollen and my vision is that it will take a long time to read a small page if I can\'t see a book.
, How long will this last, will my right eye be the same?
What should I do next?
Earlier I sat on the porch in my chair and hung up some without it, sat down and immediately began to fall back, I hit my head and I spent a little bit of getting up and when I did I was dizzy, 4 hours later my stomach rolled and my right eye was sore behind and overhead, shoulder was very nervous how to find a doctor to take my problem seriously and try to find out if there was a problem ps my insurance was canceled 2 days before 2 weeks she died
Sadly, Barnet Hospital took 6 hours to do a scan, and of course, it\'s too late to give her treatment now.
If I have more knowledge, I will nag them to scan immediately.
Worst of all, when she was in the hospital, no one took care of her, no one took care of my boat, in front of me, when I massaged the pillows, she moved so quickly what did they do when I was not in the room
I have been blogging the story of stroke patients for over 5 years and have written a book with the same name as the blog.
Stroke is a brain injury.
I fell a few months ago.
I fell off the bench. about 3. 5 -
4 feet from the floor.
There is also a bump on the left side of my forehead.
Should I Worry?
About a week ago, about four o\'clock A. M. , I fell.
When both feet slide on something slippery, I go to the bathroom.
My forehead hit the basin.
When I woke up, I looked in the mirror in horror.
About 3 inch of my nose is wild with a goose egg on it and my eyes turn black purple.
I was rushed for headaches and facial pain.
They did a CAT scan for me and sent me home.
I was dizzy and had a terrible headache.
My eyes are black and my forehead is still swollen.
I hope I don\'t need any further doctors.
Be careful, but now that I read these things, I\'m so scared.
What should I do to make sure I\'m not going to get worse. Dr.
Never said anything or even followed up with a regular doctor. Excellent site.
There is a lot of useful information here.
I sent it to a few friends and shared the delicious food.
Of course, thank you for your sweat!
Fall at least once a month.
I usually hit my head.
I fell down two weeks ago.
I pounced hard on the porch with my eyebrows first.
I went to the emergency roomThey took X-
Ray, tell me I was bruised and send me home.
I have been dizzy since then.
I still have my eyebrows.
The same is true of bruises on my face.
From my eyebrows to my mouth.
I went to drive and haven\'t opened the car yet, I feel like I\'m going backwards in the car.
That was two weeks ago.
I today in a hurry
I fell a small step, slammed to my right, and slammed my head against the metal door.
I was taken to the emergency room again. I felt(
And continue to feel)
Really screwed up
My ankle changed from pain to electrical numbness.
I recently had a shoulder sleeve surgery.
When I told them that my shoulder was hurt and pulled me to the shoulder, EMT ignored me.
I told them in the emergency room that maybe they had a shoulder injury.
They pulled my arm up and then when I was screaming in pain, they acted as if I was a complaining person.
The technician took X-
Rays told me I hurt and sent me home.
I\'m in pain now. My chest aches.
I have lost my deep perception.
I started drooling on myself.
My neck is always cracked.
I have a big sticker on my crown.
Now my face hurts on both sides. . . matching bumps.
Is this treatment appropriate?
They had a CT scan.
They just wanted to see if I broke my bones.
I had a bad car accident in 2014.
I had a serious head injury with three fractures in the upper right front and 16 in the lower part of myslull.
See one on my left and right broke.
Three months later, the doctor told me that it had moved to the right and did not heal at all.
It\'s the end of 2016 and I still have a problem.
I have a problem with short selling.
Memory loss.
And severe cranial nerve pain.
I think there seems to be a lot of water in my brain.
I can\'t concentrate. my judgment is completely off.
I had several car accidents because I couldn\'t judge the distance correctly.
I keep feeling the beating in my head.
I did a CAT scan a few months ago because I slipped and had a big impact on the back of my head, causing a serious bruise.
They said everything looked good, even though they also said they found dead brain cells in my brain directly.
I was wondering if you could forward me to a doctor who might take a look and do more tests to find out what the problem is.
I know that everything I am experiencing is not normal, and I have never felt this way in my life.
I need someone to help me.
My phone number is 443-685-5289.
I would appreciate it if someone could call me.
I\'m scared. I know something wrong. About a year ago, I crashed my car into a truck in front of me in a rear-end accident.
The firefighters at the scene of the accident tried to get me to the hospital.
B. At that time, I had a principal who would not stop, and the dog I was worried about was always cold.
At this time I decided to go home and take care of my dog.
I thought my head would be fine.
My head did feel better about two days later, but my back started to trouble me and I started to feel very hard about my temper and huge personality changes.
My husband says he doesn\'t know who I am anymore.
I will yell at him for no reason, and there is nothing he can do about it.
The situation got really bad a few days later and I was really scared that I became mentally broken and needed a doctorright away.
I asked my husband to drive me to the doctor.
But they couldn\'t see me, so I asked him to take me to the nearest doctor. care. was given med.
This will help with my back and anti-depresent.
I couldn\'t sleep, I was so scared that I would leave the deep water area and was eager to get help immediately.
Except Sunday, I go to a psychological help group from 8: 00 to 3: 30 every day for four weeks.
The latter car is a physicist and a physicist.
I\'m sure I have a concussion.
I\'m on Mede right now and still looking at my physicist.
I don\'t know when things will end.
On March 1993, 24 years ago, arkitekter danmark.
My car was crashed.
I was hit in the head and the other drivers were charged and it ripped my seat.
I\'m in a \"coma\", yes, a \"coma\" for 27 days \".
Stayed in two different hospitals for more than 10 months.
Before 3-4 months and 6-7 months after my serious car accident, I couldn\'t remember much.
The doctor and nurse told me that it was a good thing not to remember that time in my life.
I have been living alone since March 1995.
I had an industrial accident at the singleman genie elevator in 98, when I was over 30 feet.
When I pressed the button it broke down at the bottom and took me sl to the cement convention center and it bounced back several times and I was in the basket as well.
Being treated as dirty by doctors and hospitals who refused to let me wash my hair, they put all the internal organs, phones and TV on the worst side of their body.
For 17 years they said I didn\'t know you were lucky to be alive and you never need to take care of your friends and family on your own.
No one does anything but let me live alone in the confusion of dizziness and drowsiness.
The lawyer ran away with millions of people, I was broke, I couldn\'t cook clean and almost bent my neck like a co-grip, but they never looked at my neck and I kept saying please look at me.
No, you don\'t have a prescription?
No one understands why I have not overcome it.
I spit so much blood and I don\'t even know if I have a blood transfusion.
I know people with health insurance can get home care.
I only got 600 for Monte ssdi. wth?
I can\'t do this anymore!
I was 5 inch short and not normal at all.
It\'s too serious, I can\'t smell it, and I can\'t smell it, so eating a prob is a professional singer, but with eshopagus cramps, it\'s easy to cry due to stress.
I have insomnia, lethargy, trauma and nerve damage.
The whole body slammed a ton of machines at a very high speed, they called it slipping, or I fell off something, it was a lonely and depressing life, of course, because they all took the painkillers, and tried to take abozolin. I\'m afraid I\'ll end it all.
No drs, no family will even get this.
They just let me fall down the stairs alone to deal with it. nice huh. Hi there!
I just wanted to give a thumbs up on the good information you might have.
The Burberry zipper for about 16 years didn\'t warn me. I just fell down.
Wake up, I can\'t breathe for 3 minutes, I \'ve never fainted but I can\'t move, I\'m totally in a coma and can\'t even call the doctor to get my blind traffic and I stay awake. I\'m going through something like that, but it\'s different.
I have been hit several times from my child\'s father for several years.
I never went to the doctor to check.
I\'m afraid of bad news.
It was the last time he put his hand on me and he hit me hard again in the back of my head (occipital bone)
This is my first time back to my neck.
Yes, I have bruises on the back of my neck, swollen, and I have a lump in the back of my head, pain, causing pain in my head and neck.
What should I do?
This happened a week ago and my name was Sandra. A few days ago, my dad was in the doctor\'s office, where he checked, he had diabetes, and he will have another operation for Diarra on his arm.
When he was sitting on a bench in the doctor\'s office, he felt dizzy and finally it fell to the wall and his head made a hole in the wall.
I think it was the doctor who was shocked, not 911, and she made the wrong call to the nurse to have my father in a wheelchair and tied him to the building next to him with a scarf, in short, it was in a coma they had Machine breathing for him, his head was bleeding in the brain, his heart stopped beating, and a few hours later he began to flow clear water out of his mouth, move his arm up, and then an hour after he put the machine down, his heart stops beating again.
I\'m sure my dad would be alive if they called 911, I don\'t know, but because he\'s old, like the emergency room doctor said sorry to you, if he\'s a young man, he will get lost here, but because my dad is old, they didn\'t apologize for my bad French, which is the truth.
Thank you, I just saw the shopping center parking lot above my head.
I checked the barrier arm of 15 kilograms.
I hit it on my head, but there was no other sign.
I read all the possible symptoms and started to feel them, but then I told myself that they were untrue due to my reading.
If I don\'t write anymore, it means I\'m underground.
Today I was running with my Shepherd and when I fell down and landed back my head hit the ground and lost all the balance and ability to walk straight, which was very bad.
But it\'s been a few hours.
I have no medical treatment.
I would like some feedback on menopause as I said above.
I have no sexual impulse either.
I talked to every doctor around me.
Please help it destroy our family life. On December 9/16, I hit the car in front of me in a rear-end accident.
When my head goes back, I can clearly feel the metal frame of my headrest.
It feels like there are very few fillings.
There was a dent in the place where my head was hit by a metal stick.
I was crushed in the back of my head.
Headache, pain in shooting, don\'t mind.
I still can\'t put my head on anything.
I went to the hospital and told me that I had a concussion but there was no X-ray and scan.
I went back to see a doctor because of dizziness, poor eyesight, headache and sore neck.
I\'m really worried.
But he only asked x.
More than a week ago, the Ray on my neck
I won\'t get the results until next week.
I hope he can do a scan.
PaulineHiI had a rear-end accident on December 9 and then hit the car in front of it.
When my head goes back, I can clearly feel the metal frame of my headrest.
It feels like there are very few fillings.
There was a dent in the place where my head was hit by a metal stick.
I was crushed in the back of my head.
Headache, pain in shooting, don\'t mind.
I still can\'t put my head on anything.
I went to the hospital and told me that I had a concussion but there was no X-ray and scan.
I went back to see a doctor because of dizziness, poor eyesight, headache and sore neck.
I\'m really worried.
But he only asked x.
More than a week ago, the Ray on my neck
I won\'t get the results until next week.
I hope he can do a scan.
Paulinmy\'s neighbor fell down and his face was badly cut in his head and nose. he should have had a car accident in December 29.
It\'s been more than a year now.
I went to the best hospitals and doctors in my country.
But until now, I still can\'t keep a good balance when I accidentally hit the hump on the road.
When walking on a busy street, I feel dizzy sometimes.
I am also easily confused about the way, and it is not easy for me to recognize people I have known for so long.
I also don\'t know about my surroundings, especially when it\'s dusk.
What happens to my vision and memory?
During spring training last week, I was hit in the head by a foul ball.
I was taken to the medical center and my vital signs were checked out and there was no sign of a concussion.
I don\'t think I or anyone in my life is serious enough.
I am taking warfarin for Afib, and now I am concerned that I may have some type of epidural bleeding or cerebral hemorrhage, but I have no symptoms, just a mild spread headache.
I wrote this letter to remind people how dangerous it is to be an audience in baseball.
The ball hit me at a high speed for less than two seconds and I didn\'t have time to react adequately.
If I go to the game again, I will only sit behind the home court in the area with the net.
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