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half-a-millions brits wash their sheets \'thrice a year\' - times of india

by:Qihao      2019-08-30
London: Believe it or nota-
Millions of Britons wash sheets only three times a year.
More than half, according to a surveya-
Millions of Britons only clean sheets three times a year, and about 10 million bugs and mites can stay with them for one night.
Londoners were the worst criminals, and 25 respondents left London at least a month before washing the sheets;
It found that eight out of eight people in Northern Ireland are the same, and one out of six people only does it once a month.
According to the survey results
The sheets of 25-year-olds tend to be the dirtiest, with one out of 10 admitting to only washing 6 times a year, and half of respondents admitting to eating in bed.
Proud House
The survey found that 55-year-olds wash dirty clothes three times a month on average.
\"The cold weather made our beds more irresistible than ever, and the British are currently spending 49 hours a week sleeping.
The bed is one of the most used and expensive items in the home.
\"So it\'s surprising that more and more people are not keeping it clean, and many beds are used as replacements for kitchen tables in places where breakfast or snacks are served, \"The Daily Mail quoted Jacky Brown of sheilas wheels as saying.
Dr Lisa Ackerley, an environmental health expert, added: \"It is estimated that ten percent of the weight of a pillow in two years is made up of dead skin and mites.
So it\'s not surprising that your bed will become a minefield of bacteria, viruses, sweat and hair that can cause or aggravate asthma.
\"It takes time and effort to wash bedding, but in order to reduce unwanted organisms and mites, you need to wash the sheets at least once in two weeks --
It\'s best once a week.
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