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by:Qihao      2019-08-26
The hottest gadgets of the week are adaptable travel pillows, mobile car kits, and travel organizers. 1 Cocoon Grid-
Starting at $21.
If you can\'t catch your breath with a powerful attack, please raise your hand.
Every time I go on a trip, all my travel gadgets are stuffed into my backpack until this little Ripper shows up. Cocoon net-
The It organizer is the ultimate accessory to store all loose items, especially digital devices: smartphones, headphones, USBs, camera cables and memory cards, as well as passports, ipod, pen cartridges and anything you can put on the grid is fine.
It has a surface about half the size of an iPad or a standard tablet, and it has elastic, rough straps (
In grid layout)
You can slide everything down and sit safely.
There are also two clever features, an expandable zip pocket and a reinforced hook for hanging.
JB Hi-Howard\'s storage World
Travel pillows $27.
95 sleep is the way to escape when the big man with sinus problems and the annoying talkative motivational speaker are crammed into the cow class.
A must-have for a short sleep on a long flight is a decent bed pillow.
The safe Sky offers a beauty that may be a little more expensive than the standard pillows at the airport or the luggage store, but is worth the extra investment. A high-
The density memory foam provides comfort, but the real attraction is that it adapts to six sleeping positions and rolls into a soft sizedrink can.
Shape it according to the normal pillow shape you want, head cradle, 360-
Degree support, etc.
There\'s a machine on the pillow.
It is also possible to wash the plush removable cover.
See travelpillow. com.
Au3 Magellan Premium Car Kit for $99.
95 there is a crackerjack iPhone navigation app and a GPS device in the car, the software is not as good as the app, for me, the best solution is to find a high quality car kit or cradle for my iPhone.
The Magellan unit has two outstanding features: The cradle is easily rotated to a landscape or landscape layout and can be placed into the cradle without the need to remove the iPhone skin.
It is simple to use, sturdy and durable, and has a built-in
GPS receiver with better performance.
Magellan Premium car kit looks good as well and doesn\'t look spectacular while you\'re driving. See magellan. com. Au4 dual USB input-Car Charger$19.
95 is not another 12 v charger, I hear you.
The truth is that they have been making progress, so it is worth keeping Australian travelers in circles.
This is a bit different in several ways.
First, it has two charging outlets, so you can charge more than one gadget at a time.
But the difference is that you can charge at the same time.
A usb socket is the standard and ideal option for charging your phone, ipod, digital camera, GPS and other USBPower equipment.
The second USB port can charge larger devices such as an iPad or laptop.
But read fine print and know which socket is which: If you plug your phone into a higher socket
It can charge your device too fast, which can shorten the battery life.
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