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Goose Down Pillows Help Alleviate Pressure

by:Qihao      2020-10-04
Memory foam was actually designed way back in 1966 by NASA in north america to absorb the incredible forces astronauts are the subject of while in lift-off in their rocket seating. Memory Foam has cushioned the headwear of the Dallas Cowboys during the entire 70s and eighties, safeguarded bedridden patients from bedsores, and comforted the feet of 1000's dressing in elegant shoes that use the shock reducing material inside their insoles. This technology has now also been adapted for usage in the household bed, mattress and pillow market, and is proving to be increasingly popular amongst our purchasers. Heated up by body heat, the memory foam delicately cocoons your slumbering head and moulds flawlessly to your head profile, while concurrently supplying additional comfort and support. Together with a Body Response bed, it produces balanced, restful sleep by reducing pressure points and alleviating the stresses and pressures of day-to-day life. Memory foam pillows are specially built to mould to the shape of the head and neck which helps to help remedy strain and offers outstanding comfort and support. Silentnight have developed their Breatheasy Memory Foam Pillow, which uses airflow technology to help keep you cool and dry while the ergonomic design moulds to your natural contours. Measuring 49cm long and 30cm wide (19 inches L, 12 inches W), it comes complete with a 80% polyester and 20% cotton cover, it is currently available with a 20% discount. Here is the feedback from one delighted customer ''I have neck problems and was waking each morning with a headache. Tried various solutions to no avail until I bought this pillow, it was an overnight success I have had no further headaches! It did take me a few nights to get used to it but I persevered and would not be without it now. I like the cover supplied with the pillow however I do use a cotton pillow case over it.' Silentnight also have the Memory Foam Shell Pillow available, which brings together the benefits of memory foam for support along with a hollowfibre filling for added comfort. This pillow comes with a 50% natural cotton and 50% polyester cover, is handwash only and measures 74cm long by 48cm wide. On the other hand, we have a excellent range of a more natural product in goose down pillows, which offer a similar level of comfort and support but in a more conventional way. We are able to source many sites offering pillows for sale, so take a browse at our beds, duvets and pillows and have a look!. Welcome to the, your one stop location for the best bed deals on the internet!. We scour the web to source the best deals from leading high quality manufacturers and retailers. The product list includes everything bed related - beds, memory foam pillows, king size bed frames, bedding and more!. The Best Bed Shop is dedicated to finding you the best products online in the UK at the most competitive prices available anywhere.
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