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golden chains: 20 best franchises for travelers

by:Qihao      2019-08-27
Yes, we know how chain and franchise can destroy the world through moderation over and over again --exotic corner.
But sometimes on the road-
Maybe more than we want to admit. -
It\'s not so much a place where everyone knows your name as a place where you already know their name. (
By the way, we use \"chain stores\" and \"franchises\" loosely here rather than strictly commercial operations. )
According to the hard miles leading CNN travellers to where they are today ---
That is to say, sit in front of the computer like you and hope they are somewhere else ---
This is the list of our favorite chain stores, franchise stores, familiar stations and \"Thank God, I know they have a clean toilet in unfamiliar places. More: Doh!
The biggest travel mistake 20.
USA why do we like it: a cinnamon roll large enough to be used as a pillow when you are in a sugar coma.
Why its brand is easier to remember than your mother\'s birthday: Vermilion has attracted customers with the sweetness of cinnamon and sugar as an olfactory trap since 1985.
It has seven different menus on its classic cinnamon rolls and chilled drinks, usually served with whipped cream, and has been successful in more than 30 countries and 750 locations.
Vermila: vermila uses only its own trademark Marcala cinnamon.
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Better than anywhere else.
The reason we like it: freedom from buses, trains, scooters, bikes, mules, etc.
Why its brand is easier to remember than to release the Do Not Disturb logo: Europcar was founded in Paris in 1949 and has offices in more than 143 countries.
Thanks to a purchase.
Most Europcar cars are less than six months old compared to the car manufacturer\'s business model, so if you like the taste of a new car, you\'re lucky.
The fact is quick: Europcar is the number one car rental company in Europe and lives up to its name.
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The country of origin of the inland Steakhouse: why do we like it in the United States: because most people know about Australia based on \"Crocodile Dundee\", this restaurant feels completely authentic
Why its brand is easier to remember than the Australian capital
The theme restaurant, founded in Florida, was once promoted by New Zealanders (
\"Flying Conchords\" by Jemaine Alexander \")
Outback has more than 1,200 restaurants in 20 countries.
Famous for steak, but notorious for 1,948 of onionscalorie, one-
Outback opened its first restaurant in 1988 and its first Australian restaurant in Sydney 13 years later.
Quirky name: When the Outback Steakhouse came to Australia, its Kookaburra chicken wings were renamed Kookaburra to help them with the kookab in Australia17.
Panda country of origin: why do we like it in the United States: even if you don\'t have a Chinese friend, you can easily enjoy a Chinese banquet.
Why its brand is easier to remember than she was angry with you this week for forgetting: launched as a panda hostel in Southern California in 1973, the operation was one of the first to introduce Mandarin and Sichuan flavor into Cantonese. cuisine-
Dominate the West Coast
Currently operating 1,575 restaurants (
There is no franchise store for Panda Restaurant Group, they all run)
Mainly in the United States. S.
The sweet chicken here is an airport-
Prepare meals for travelers busy between connections.
El Panda opened its first international branch in Mexico City in 2011.
Are these the cutest creatures in the world? 16.
Mark and Spencer country of origin: why do we like it in the United Kingdom: Since 129, Mark and Spencer have only focused on selling the best things in the UKmade goods --
Brush nylon jump suit, for example.
Why its brand is easier to remember than the chronology of all these powdery royalty members: the place where you can buy eggs and underwear at the same time has 1,184 locations.
Change: there is no dressing room for Marks & Spencer until 1988, so customers can\'t try on clothes. That\'s classy.
Or, at least so. 15.
Wagamacountry country of origin: why do we like it in the United Kingdom: there is nothing more acceptable than sitting on the same bench as 50 other noodle slur people
Why its brand is easier to remember than degrees Celsius
Fahrenheit conversion: helped dispel the idea that ramen was dried with a seasoning bag and only eaten by college students and poor vegetarians, and wagama opened its first restaurant in London in 1992.
Inspired by the Japanese noodle restaurant, it has expanded to 118 locations around the world.
Quick Facts: According to the Wagamama website, the name of the company is translated as \"naughty child \".
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Tim Houghton Country: The reason we like it: Tim Houghton is a hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leaf ---
Unless you\'re talking about Bill Shatner, Canadians won\'t come any cooler.
Why its brand is easier to remember than the Canadian prime minister\'s name: monopolizing 76% of the Canadian coffee chain\'s market and expanding to the north of the United States, Tim Holden has recently taken the next logical step, take its signature coffee and donuts to 32 sunny places in the UAE, Oman and Kuwait.
It has 63 doughnuts that serve coffee within 20 minutes of brewing, or, as the company claims, \"not at all.
\"Raisins: one of the most popular varieties of Tim Hortons is dutchie, a square yeast donut with raisins. 13.
Why do we like it in America: when many people ask, \"What is art?
\"Subway is the first company to answer this question . \"
\"Why its brand is easier to remember than packing pajamas: in 40,319 stores around the world, you can find the company\'s sandwich artist\'s palette of mustard and mayonnaise ---
That\'s more than 34,000 of McDonald\'s.
The company was established in 1965. year-
Old Fred De Luca received a $1,000 loan from a nuclear physicist named Peter Barker.
Fact: recently, an Australian man complained that his \"foot length\" sandwich was 11 inch long, and subway explained that \"Subway Footlong\" was just a descriptive name, it is not used to represent the actual measurement.
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The country of origin of Hilton Hotels and Resorts: why do we like it in the United States: Hilton is the first company to put TV in the room.
Probably before that, people were just staring at where the TV was supposed to be in the hotel room.
Why its brand is easier to remember than returning the room key: the first hotel named after Hilton opened in Texas in 1925.
There are currently over 550 Hilton hotels in 79 countries with over 190,000 guest rooms.
Legendary fact: When John Lennon stayed at the Hilton Hotel in New York, he wrote the lyrics of \"imagination\" on Hilton stationery. 11.
Why do we like it: why buy a bottle of Piper-
When you have three in a handy carry-on bag, haidseck?
Why its brand is easier to remember than a metric system (
Or anything you don\'t use that increases the penalty)
: DFS opened its first branch in Hong Kong in 1960. Two years later, the company brought its first job --
Free shopping in America.
Of course, it changed your friend and said, \"Thank you for coming to see me on the plane for 12 hours!
\"Glad you were here, could you come in and get me a few bottles of whiskey and a pint of Chanel No. 5?
DFS Galleria has 420 branches, including airport Mall and City Center mall.
Big data: according to the company, 0. 2 billion visitors visited the DFS store in 2012.
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KidZania country of origin: We like Mexico: it seems fair to see children panic about their salaries.
Why its brand is easier to remember than the host location of the last Winter Olympics: If you feel your child is a little behind in the capitalist concept, maybe it\'s worth visiting KidZania.
Every KidZania entertainment center is a child.
A replica of the size of the city.
At the entrance, children can buy Kidzos, a currency they can use to buy goods, services and entertainment opportunities.
When they run out, they can earn more by \"working\" in the brand event, such as making food at McDonald\'s, bottling Coca-Cola
Or fly an Air Asia plane.
Kiddie corner: since its opening in 1999, KidZania has received 25 million visitors in 11 locations around the world. 9.
Dunkin\' DonutsCountry: why do we like it in the United States: when the airline loses your luggage or you forget to print the hotel address, it is now 3am.
You don\'t know where to go, there\'s nothing more interesting than coffee and coffee
Spread the baking dough circle.
Why its brand is easier to remember than your favorite flavor: orange and pink from dunkin donut, taste --
In more than 3,000 stores outside the United States, it is possible to find unconvinced signs decorated with stores and more than double the number inside, making it one of the most common bakeries in the world.
Digestible: \"DD\" offers more than 100 flavors of doughnuts, of which the highest calorie is \"chocolate coconut cake doughnuts\" and \"weighs 550 calories, contains 125% of your recommended daily intake of saturated fat.
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Country of Origin: why do we like it in the United States: barrels--
Social, reliable, easy to carry.
Impromptu guitar doublesshredder hat.
Why its brand is easier to remember than the name of someone you just met: Back in 1952, Haran Sanders started selling his fried chicken recipe with its 11 secret spices (
Salt and pepper are two of them)
For his first franchise, he may not think his company will be the most successful in more than 50 years away from the south of the United States. Yum!
Brands, the parent company of KFC and Pizza Hut, currently holds 39% of Chinese fast food. food industry.
SOURCE question: The first KFC chain opened in Utah, four states from Kentucky. 7.
Country of origin of Muji: why do we like it: clean design, function, cleanliness and super
Paper towels in Tokyo are packed without going to Tokyo.
Why its brand is easier to remember than the number of flights you take when filling out the immigration form: the first two Japanese characters on the Muji label mean \"no\" and \"brand \".
Muji, a retailer of minimalist furniture, household goods and clothing, has turned \"unbranded\" into a clever brand.
Focusing on simple and simple design, Muji offers neck pillows and many other products to travelers at 205 outlets in 32 countries.
Car reflection: in 2001, Muji cooperated with Nissan on a car.
In form, there is no identification badge, only white.
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MOS Burger country of origin: why do we like it: After discovering Dick, this is the most interesting name in foreign food.
Why is its brand easier to remember than the Japanese prime minister\'s name?
Japan\'s largest fast food chain, second only to McDonald\'s, MOS Burger decided to offer a Burger that is twice as expensive as anything else on the menu.
So in 2003, limited
Launched Takumi burger, an item that can only be bought at a specific location, it comes with a business card signed by the chef who prepared it.
MOS Burger opened its first store in 1972 and currently has 1,749 stores in nine countries.
Burger trivia: MOS rice burger features rice mixed with millet and barley. 5.
Country of origin of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts: why do we like it in Canada: Riffraff-proof.
Why its brand is easier to remember than your mom\'s birthday.
Wait, have we done it?
If you want a discount on the Four Seasons hotel room, all you need to know is that this hotel is now mainly owned by two billionaires, Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed Bin Talar and Bill Gates
We can safely assume that they did not issue coupons.
One of the top luxury chain hotels with more than 89 hotels worldwide.
50 = 10 million: to celebrate the 50 th birthday on 2010, four seasons began planting 10 million trees around the world. More: 13 scary-but-
Great viewing platform.
Starbucks country of origin: why do we like it in the United States: turn a drink that can be bought with change into a product worth nearly four dollars.
Why its brand is easier to remember than your passport number: Starbucks has opened 20,891 stores in 62 countries around the world, introducing its elegant acceptance of cafe culture.
Beans for a period of time: the first Starbucks opened as a coffee bean bakery in 1971 and did not sell drinks until a few years later. 3.
McDonald\'s country of origin: why do we like it in the United States: Despite paranoia, when we came in just to go to the toilet, we were not yet accosted by employees.
Why its brand is easier to remember than all the damn username, password, pin and security code they \'ve been forcing us to create: 34,000 locations in 118 countries, mcDonald\'s is a global clown.
As a company that added the words \"fast\" and \"Mc\" to food, McDonald\'s quickly adapted.
Start as a place to get everything
USA burgers and chips, now offers customers the opportunity to get Bulgarian burgers in Korea, Kiwi burgers in New Zealand including eggs and beets, and meatless mcspiciy Paneer burgers in IndiaToy-
Tastic: Thanks to the plastic toys in Happy Meals, McDonald\'s is the biggest toy dealer in the world. 2.
Ding Taifeng origin: why do we like it in Taiwan: Transparent dumpling skin can easily evaluate the filling.
Why its brand is easier to remember than what you ate for lunch yesterday: proving that oil does not always bring wealth, Dingtai was originally an edible oil store, it was not until half of the shops were transformed into the production of small steamed buns that real success was found (
Small steamed buns)in 1972.
More than 70 restaurants in 11 countries, customers complain about business hours
During the long wait of most of them, Dingtai took something simple and made it sublime.
Quality fact: both restaurants in Hong Kong receive one Michelin star.
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Origin: why do we like it in America: Walk around the corner if you can\'t find it.
There may be two there.
Why its brand is easier to remember than a series of events that bring you here at 3.
M: It was founded in 1927 in an ice house in Dallas.
11 success was first achieved by providing \"convenient\" goods such as milk, bread and eggs.
The company has been $7,700 in recent yearsS.
The position has been a pioneer in the excessive Field
From 30-start sizing soda
The big mouth of the ounce continued.
However, the company\'s real success is best at 7-
11 home is located in Japanese of 15,831 home high-grade hotel only Tokyo have 2,075 home stores.
Name Heritage: Name 7-when the company\'s store is open 24 hours a day-
Eleven is one in the store-
Hours of operation.
Published in October 2013;
Updated on March 21, 2014.
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