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gift store chain brookstone files for bankruptcy

by:Qihao      2019-08-27
The company said Thursday that Brookstone, a gadget and gift chain, has filed for bankruptcy protection for the second time in five years. S.
Retailers succumb to the long-term decline in shopping centers.
Brookstone is also looking for buyers for some of its stores while starting to close about 100 of its shopping centers, the company said, confirming a Reuters report that the company is exploring including
As more shoppers flock to Amazon. com (AMZN. O)and other e-
Entity business platformand-
Mortar retailers have been working to expand demand, leading many well-known companies, including toy \"r\" Us and radiochack, to file for bankruptcy protection in recent years.
Brookstone\'s airport store is popular for its luggage products, neck pillows and travel gear and will continue to operate in 35 locations. Its e-
Business and wholesale business will continue to operate as well.
\"Our airport, e-
Business and wholesale business. . .
\"For a buyer with financial resources and vision, this should be attractive,\" Brookstone Chief Executive Piau Phang Foo said in a statement . \".
Brookstone filed for bankruptcy and appeared in 2014 under the ownership of a consortium of Chinese investors. S.
Despite the brand\'s appeal in Asia, the business is still tough.
It kept 240 stores after it went bankrupt, but closed poorly performing stores for years.
Brookstone hired the Berkeley Research Group as a financial advisor and GLC as an investment banker.
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