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from a scarf that doubles up as a neck cushion to a laptop charger the size of a lipstick: the innovative new travel gadgets you need this summer

by:Qihao      2019-08-27
Travel -
Nourish the soul, but not without a trap.
Whether it\'s stuffing your secular essentials into a small suitcase, bypassing the 100 ml carry-on baggage limit, or getting comfortable on the plane, it\'s easy to lose your temper
The route to the destination.
Thankfully, this year\'s explosion of new equipment and gadgets designed to make your voyage easier --
From portable pillows and theft
Multiple proof bags
The charger and device are functioning properly, which means you will never lose your passport again.
Mail online Travel collects the best of them. 1. The neck-
Supporting the scarfBog standard memory foam neck pillow may be better than anything on the long pillow
Long flight, but they are not the first words of comfort.
Travel Pillow into Trtl-
Neck support hidden in a comfortable wool scarf.
Its designers claim that it is scientifically proven that its flexible \"hammock effect\" structure is more U-shaped pillow.
Already in 30-
An hour flight, this writer can confirm this is a gamechanger. Cost: £19. 95 ($26. 75)
From London2. The theft-
The waterproof lanyard bag may look fragile, but the bag is designed to be very harsh on crime in pairs.
The bulletproof bag is made of slash-proof fabric and fixed with a steel lock.
Its rope is made of steel wire, making it almost-
It has an indestructible strap that can be attached to a chair or railing in the unlikely event of crossing.
This beautiful bag also includes blocking materials for blocking cards and passports, non-contact technology to prevent thieves from stealing your information.
Finally, it is very soft and you can put it with your clothes and use it as a travel pad. Downside? It\'s not cheap. Cost: £133 ($179)-
Available for pre-
Order on Kickstarter. 3.
If you want to close your eyes wisely, the most comfortable eye mask in the world don\'t rely on the free eye mask issued by most airlineseye.
Glo to sleep therapy mask uses blue light dots to calm the active Beta brain waves and encourage the Alpha brain
Waves that allow relaxation and sleep.
But its real selling point is the hole around the eye socket, it doesn\'t squeeze your eyes like a normal mask.
The foam material is soft and gentle, and the adjustable strap will not give you a headache. Cost: £15 ($20)
From the dream necessities. 4. Space-
Save gizmosThe Asobu Pill organizer the bottle is basically done as it says on the can
This is a water boat that can be used as a box for storing drugs.
It also comes with a portable cup with enough pill compartments to hold you up for a week. Cost: £34 ($45)from Amazon.
When we meet the mobile Gourmet survival kit in a tubular theme, the removable stack of 16 herbs and spices-ideal to dress-
You can find light food wherever you are. Cost: £20 ($26)
From Unusual goods5.
For anyone who has suffered a disaster of loss of a passport, wallet or key, never lose your valuables again --
This gadget will change your life.
XY Smart Item Finder is a small plastic switch that you can connect to any object you value.
It syncs with your phone so that if you put the wrong object, you can trigger the beep with your phone or simply locate it with GPS.
Even better, it has a setting that will warn you by phone alert if you move more than a certain distance from the object.
Basically, if you forget the key when you go out, it will nudge you. Cost: £37 ($50)
XY Findables in three groups. 6.
Hiding your stuff in your underwear is not as unpleasant as it sounds.
The silk bra is a small bag, placed on the center strap of the bra, secretly storing valuables.
It is made of washable silk with moisture-proof function
Lining resistant. Cost £9. 99 ($13. 40)
From Eagle Creek.
Similarly, the funky stash is a lace garter with a range of built-in pockets to carry with you mobile phones, keys, cash, and even cosmeticsup.
It is made of adjustable elastic fabric lined with silicone so that it will not slide off your legs. Cost: £22 ($29. 50)from Amazon. 7.
Most of us want to take off our bulky shoes and face the long flight.
But, walking up and down the aisle, there\'s something annoying about using the bathroom with only socks.
Snoozies are designed with this in mind. Half-
This extremely comfortable shoe is durable between slippers and socks
In order to save space for hand luggage, the sole and folds can be slid up. Cost: £10. 99 ($13. 40)from Amazon.
On the other hand, something is better not to be destroyed
For example, your favorite shirt, shirt or skirt.
Skuttle is a light shell (500g)
Protect the folds of your clothes.
Perfect for business trips. Cost: £30 ($40)from Amazon. 8.
Travel umbrella with flexibility planning to travel to places with bad weather?
In the strong wind, most umbrellas
Especially the type of light
May be more troublesome than aid.
Not a wind hero Pro that can withstand winds of up to 60 miles per hour, if it turns out from inside, it doesn\'t break, but is small enough to hide in your bag. Cost: £15. 80 ($21)from Amazon. 9.
The compact power Travel Adapter is an obvious necessity for any overseas business, but none of this is equal. Nomad Travel -
It\'s also a wide range of medical kits.
Sell smart universal version with retractable pins and clips
Accessories for USB ports. Cost: from £17. 99 ($23)
Travel from nomadic.
Do you want more space in your suitcase?
You can now avoid installing three separate bulky chargers for your laptop, camera, and phone.
Look, Zolt-
The smallest and lightest power supplier in the world
It\'s a big deal than lipstick, but it can charge three devices at the same time.
It\'s not cheap, but it might be worth it if you\'re a dedicated technician. Cost: £75 ($99)from GoZolt. 10. Portable home-
The quilt can be tricky when washing, but it helps at hand.
LifeVenture offers a range of daily products in Weihua, including detergent, shampoo and hand sanitizer
Thin soluble paper activated when added to water.
This is also a great way to get around the liquid rules when you just carry your hand luggage. Cost: £2. 95 ($3. 90)
Buy 50 sheets from outside Cotswold.
For those who are sensitive to high temperature, pack a humidifier small enough to put on the top of the water bottle.
The Satechi portable model, powered by USB, is very helpful in relieving cold and flu symptoms
Easily caught on the planeCost: £23 ($30)from Amazon. 11.
Accessing only one foreign universal SIM card has the potential to force your phone bill to meet expectations-
But for those who often travel to different places, communication can be a nightmare.
If you can get the service.
OneSimCard is a provider that deals with networks in more than 200 countries around the world, with a 85% discount on phone, text and data no matter where you are.
For travelers holding multiple local SIM cards, this also means the end. Cost: £22 ($30)
For one simcard\'s SIM card, the price varies from country to country. 12. The flat-
It is especially convenient for campers or backpackers to pack lanterns, a built-in micro-device
In the battery, the lantern on the leg opens.
BioLite BaseLantern offers a variety of mood lighting and bonus points, as well as charging your electronics. Cost £74 ($99)
Available for pre-
Order on Kickstarter. 13.
The best headset before you try the noise is --
Cancel the headphones and you will realize how loud the background noise is on the plane.
For the absolute best sound quality on the market, please refer to the MOMENTUM Wireless headset from senheiser-
Once you put them on, you will enter a new world of happiness, regardless of the fact that your environment is sometimes unfortunate.
They must be good. looking. Cost: £380 ($500)
From senheiser.
Huge sound and comfort in the middle
Range price point, winner is Bose because of its quiet comfortear headphones.
Buffering is sublime, they fold to 25 size when you don\'t use them, and they come with three adapters
Pin flat socket. Cost: £295 ($392)from Bose.
Cheaper, you can\'t make mistakes, wireless settings for grinding skeleton candy.
They will Bluetooth wireless technology and 12-
Charging the battery makes you have a long journeyhaul.
Worth less than 70. Cost: £69. 99 ($92)
Candy from skull14. The next-
If you want to invest in an electric toothbrush with travel --
Friendly properties, check out Philips Diamond cleaning.
This is a sound model with several different cleaning settings, but the magic lies in its charging power.
At home, just put it in the attached glass and charge it overnight.
When you\'re on the road, it\'s clam-
The charger is the case. Neat. Cost: £99 ($131)from Argos.
However, for simplicity, choose solar energy
An electric toothbrush that does not even require a toothbrush.
This sounds strange, but Soladey\'s ion5 model uses sun-activated negatively charged ions to break down patches and kill bacteria, and does not require batteries or toothpastejust water. Cost: £34. 95 ($46)
From BrushIonic
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