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Four Things That You Need to Know About Inflatable

by:Qihao      2020-07-13
There are a lot of types of orthopedic pillows that are also made from different kinds of materials. However, one of the best pillows for your collar is the inflatable neck pillows. An inflatable neck pillow provides good support to the neck area in order to relieve your neck from any pain, headaches and other sleep-related collar injuries. Just what are inflatable neck pillows? Here are some of the things that you need to know about them. The cushion is made from air This particular cushion comes with an air pump which allows you to fill the entire cushion made from sealed rubber with air. You can adjust the firmness of the cushion depending on the type of scaffold that you need. It props up not only the head but also the entire back area The design of the cushion provides support not only on the entire collar and head area but also on your back. Whenever you sleep, the padding conforms to the shape of your cervical spine and creates a groove on the area where the weight of your head is. This prevents your head from rolling sideways thereby preventing you from taking on more injuries on your neck that you can handle. It is very portable Since the cushion can be deflated, you can take it anywhere you like. You do not need to carry a pump with you since you can inflate the pillow by a few puffs of your breath. It is non-porous Since the inflatable memory foam neck pillow is made from sealed rubber or plastic, it is non-porous thus if the night is extremely hot, sweat won't be absorbed by the pillow. To remedy this, it is important that you cover it with a pillow cover so that you can sleep comfortably even if you sleep a lot.
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