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five weirdest features of the odd but wildly popular kickstarter travel jacket

by:Qihao      2019-08-26
You can if you haven\'t heard of the bauguans\' travel jacket yet.
Because 8,547 people (
You must know one of them from Thursday afternoon, right? )
A total of $1,433,829 has been promised on Kickstarter to help make this jacket a reality-
There are still 42 days left.
The current commitment is $119 (
$99 pledges sold out)
Let you line up for a jacket.
There are four styles to choose from--
Jacket, trench coat, wool
Male and female pilot jackets and jerseys.
What\'s good about this jacket?
Some would say this is very similar to the Scottish jacket and vest.
They have some similarities, including a lot of storage space.
I haven\'t seen, touched, or tried on the bauxbox jacket, because now it only exists in the virtual world, and I think it exists in the prototype world as well.
But I have checked 15 trips.
The friendly features are touted by the company. Some feel self-evident. The \"hand-
The feature is (wait for it)
Put your hands in the pockets of the two front. No one else seemsso-
Obviously: there is no pocket blanket in the blanket pocket;
This is a separate purchase.
Here are some of the weirdest add-ons I \'ve picked that might also be useful for crazy travel jackets. (BauBax)
The idea is not far from crazy hats with beer cans, but much more cautious.
There is a can of soda in the insulated neoprene pocket, but don\'t think you can put a big mouthful of soda in it.
\"When your tray table is occupied by a laptop, meal, or magazine, the drink pocket is designed to hold your drink,\" baubacac co-
Founder Hiral Sanghavi said by email.
OK, but it won\'t work if the airline\'s server hands you a small plastic cup.
I think it\'s convenient if you want to have a beer in public.> (BauBax)The built-
Remove from the hood of a jacket or suit jacket.
It doesn\'t look like the little eye shadows that airlines sometimes distribute on overseas flights that fit your face.
In fact, when you play in the celebrity poker tournament, it can be a disguise for you in Las Vegas.
Note other hoodie-
In this photo: an inflatable memory foam neck pillow. (BauBax)
It would be a bit strange to see the person on the plane sitting next to you suddenly pull out the fingerless gloves from their sleeves.
But I know people may need them to keep warm. -
Get on or off the plane. (BauBax)
The zipper with the pen begins to feel too nerdy: Do you really want things on the jacket zipper to be your fashion manifesto when traveling around the world?
A cool factor that might overturn this is: if you\'re working on a tablet, it doubles as a stylus. (BauBax)
Okay, this guy looks cool in his bauguanx trench coat.
Pay attention to the shiny sunglasses, which may be polished with built-in
Clean cloth.
But do I look like an elephant seal when I load with a tablet or Kindle, sunglasses and glasses, passport, iPhone, built-in charger
Is there an ID card, pocket blanket, wallet and peanuts in the charger pocket?
\"The heaviest devices are iPads, and they get lighter every year,\" Sanghavi said . \".
\"Nothing else adds any weight.
\"Message: kickbaxworld\'s best travel jacket on kickstartermore. Where can I find a $20 ski lift ticket next winter: Do you believe in Iran?
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