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Five Characteristics of the Best Memory Foam Pillows

by:Qihao      2020-08-14
A memory foam pillow is the key to getting a great night's sleep for thousands of people of all ages. If you suffer from neck or shoulder pain while you're trying to sleep or when you wake, a memory foam pillow could alleviate your discomfort for good. The foam used in quality pillows is a special material that actually conforms to the shape of your head and neck. It reacts to pressure as well as body heat by softening. This is how it is molded to provide the exact level of support you need for perfect sleep posture. Most users find memory foam amazingly comfortable to sleep on. There are many different brands and types of pillows on the market today, but they vary in quality as well as price. Five features separate the very best foam pillows from the rest: 1. Pillows Designed for Cooling Memory foam relies on body heat to conform to the head and neck. Cheaper, inferior brands tend to hold heat which can cause discomfort and sweating during sleep. A quality pillow that's designed to stay cool during use is the solution. Most pillows designed for cooling feature an inner core with an outer layer made of a different material. This outer layer consists of a breathable material that's cool as well as comfortable. Pillows that feature covers or outer layers that increase air flow will ensure your head and neck stay cool during sleep. 2. Hypoallergenic Pillows and Covers The best pillows won't just keep you cool and comfortable, they'll also have some type of properties or specialized covers that protect against allergens. Choose a pillow that can protect against pollen, dust mite and pet dander, odors and any other allergens that may be present in your bedroom. The best pillow brands feature hypoallergenic pillow covers that can be washed in the machine without compromising their allergen barrier properties. 3. High Density Foam Pillows The best memory foam is made of high density 100% visco-elastic foam or polyurethane. Pillows with a density of three to four pounds per square inch will be much more comfortable and more durable than lower density, cheaper options. Some memory foam pillows don't state how dense the foam they contain actually is, but the label may say high density. If you want to own one of the best memory pillows, choose one that clearly states density. 4. Contour Shaped Pillows Although this may be a matter of personal preference, many people find contour shaped memory foam pillows are the most comfortable. Alternative or standard shape pillows often fail to provide the right support for the neck and don't promote ideal sleep posture. If you want to enjoy the benefits of the best memory foam pillow, go with a contour shape. 5. Multiple Sizes Available The best foam pillows are available in different sizes that are designed to suit people, not beds! The best pillows have size guidelines and recommendations based on height, weight, body build and sleep position. Using the right size foam pillow is crucial to enjoying the many benefits of sleeping with memory foam. Sincerely, Tim Gavin.
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