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Finding the Perfect Pillow - The Right Pillow

by:Qihao      2020-07-30
If you've set foot in a bed and bath store in the last decade, you know how mind blowing the pillow section has become. With literally dozens of styles lining the walls, where do you even begin? Unfortunately, there is usually little information provided on the pillow explaining what style of pillow if for whom; buyers are alone in making an (often unfortunately uneducated) decision. If you sleep on your stomach, make a B-line for the 'soft & thin' section. Those who sleep on their stomachs need to take extra care that their heads are not too far above their shoulders during sleep. If the pillow is too high, the neck and shoulders work overtime to keep the head on that pedestal. Making sure your head is properly aligned with your shoulders and spine means your whole body can rest through the night. So you know you need a thin pillow that will keep your body aligned. Next up: materials. Today it's common to see synthetic fill, latex, memory foam pillows, down or synthetic down, and every possible hybrid combination. Synthetic pillows are desirable because they are cheap and machine washable, but the material breaks down quickly. Ask yourself: are you prepared to replace your pillow regularly, or will you be sleeping on a worn-out pillow for years? Latex foam and memory foam are similar materials. Latex pillows suffer the same problem as synthetic; they break down quickly. Generally, latex pillows on the market are combined with memory foam to add years of life. Pure visco-elastic or ViscoFresh memory foam pillows offer a trait that no other pillows do: the pillows actually mold to the shape of your body. Though they cost a bit more, memory foam pillows will take on the exact contours of your head, shoulders and neck as you sleep night after night, allowing you to wake up well rested and cramp-free. (Visco-elastic is the industry standard, and ViscoFresh is a new type of foam that's three times more breathable than the visco-elastic type).
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