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feds find dangerous chemicals in imported car seats and toys

by:Qihao      2019-09-01
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Substances found in imported toys and other products that cause flame retardant will be partially banned in Canada, most likely in mid-2013.
The chemical TCEP is used in a range of products containing polyurethane foam, including mattresses, flexible books, and child car seats.
Health Canada therefore proposes to prohibit the inclusion of this substance in any product for children aged three and under.
\"It is well known that regular verbal and sucking activities by infants and young children under the age of three are a common and necessary part of their behaviour and development, and Health Canada has expressed its view on the proposed regulations.
\"It is well known that TCEP can be migrated from foam toys and foam children\'s products when sucking or chewing.
\"Federal officials say Canadian companies do not use the TCEP, also known as tris (2-chloroethyl)
Phosphate in children\'s products, but in 2009 and 2010 of the tests, 7 of the 40 products inspected were still found-all imported from China.
Toy Association of Canada (CTA)
Said it had worked with Health Canada on the issue and supported the ban.
\"None of our members have a TCEP in their products,\" said CTA Chairman Kerry George . \".
Member companies test their products \"for safety\" at all stages of the industry chain, she added.
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