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Fashion meets function! The inflatable scarf that transforms into a neck pillow for easy napping on the go

by:Qihao      2019-08-28
An unlimited scarf with inflatable neck pillows is probably the most fashionable way to catch sleep on the go.
Sleeper scarf is the idea of Tiffany Paul from San Francisco, California, and is the first scarf ever to come with a built-in scarf
Pocket designed to carefully hide the blow
Pillow makes it ideal for travelers who are eager to rest anywhere.
In a video shared on her website, Miss Paul explained, \"the scarf functions the same as fashion . \".
Planes, Trains, buses and cars are the perfect choice.
She added that the Sleeper Scarf is also perfect for taking a nap and \"a night off\" during the trip \".
Her patented design looks like a standard infinity scarf, which is basically the point.
The inflatable memory foam neck pillow will not be found until the wearer is ready to closeeye.
As shown in the video, the user only needs to open the scarf, open the back pocket, open the valve and inflate the pillow with a few quick breaths.
On her website, the creators encourage travelers to \"throw away that bulky memory foam neck pillow\" and buy a $65 retail scarf in a variety of colors.
While Miss Paul may be the first person to design a scarf that can be used as a pillow, she is not the only one to create useful products to help travelers get sleep while on the road.
The pillow tie, an inflatable tie that allows workers to take a nap at their desk, made its debut on 2010.
Two years later, a hoodie, a built-in --
Travel memory foam neck pillow in inflatable, released.
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