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fair city\'s orla is caught out

by:Qihao      2019-08-25
Orla, preparing to go to Prague, had to stand up and think in Tuesday\'s game.
After packing her luggage, when Dolores saw her boarding pass, Orla found herself in a tricky situation where she put a bed pillow in Orla\'s bag.
\"I\'m sorry, Olah,\" Dolores said . \".
Wayne said put it in your bag.
But you dropped your boarding pass.
\"It\'s a turn,\" said Pete \".
\"You will not fly to Prague to Los Angeles,\" Dolores replied . \".
Can Orla explain the way she left this oneFans? She can find out what will happen next on rte One at 8: 00 P. M. on Tuesday.
Aired on RT É One on Sunday (
Not Easter Sunday)
Tuesday to Thursday.
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