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experiment on fire-proof coaches at rcf | chandigarh news - times of india

by:Qihao      2019-08-31
JALANDHAR: like Providence, when the burning train killed 38 passengers near the railway bus factory, Ludhiana (RCF)
Engaged in a unique experiment in Kapurthala.
Engineers at the RCF are designing an ordinary sleeper bus that is completely on fire. proof.
Earlier, the method was to use fire.
Although it is a combustible flame retardant material, it is not
Combustible materials are being tested.
General manager Mohammed Saila Judin said the first prototype will be launched from RCF within three months.
\"We will use honeycomb material sandwiched between aluminum instead of wood molding.
This honeycomb material will be used for all parts of the carriage, floor, side partition, wall, seat, berth and toilet.
Perforated stainless steel seats are also planned.
In terms of cost, there will only be marginal growth.
This will be compensated by the loss of weight and safety caused by the fire, \"said Sairajuddin, who trained as a mechanical engineer.
\"Latex foam ratio U-for berth buffer-
\"The foam used earlier,\" GM said . \"
A team from the National Design Institute of Ahmedabad is arriving at the RCF to train technicians to use in-house furniture materials.
\"We learn from aircraft design.
At present, the PVC floor in the car and the ine in the berth are combustible.
Although the wood mold burns less than other materials, it is not a fire-proof.
\"Our first prototype should be ready in three months,\" he said . \".
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