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encounter with crimson county at jumeirah

by:Qihao      2019-09-04
Crimson County is a brand made by people who work in forhästens, Duxiann, Hypnos and Kluft, which are licensed Royal.
Crimson County pillows have deep red memory foam for the best sleep posture for deep sleep.
The pillow is designed to relax the body to the maximum extent and allows for sleep massage treatment while sleeping.
In addition, based on brain wave research, it improves memory and learning ability while showing other positive effects.
Deep red County pillows are high
Quality materials selected by the above craftsmen in person.
The custom Series Grand Prix is made of natural ingredients such as wool, silk and cashmere.
Starting at £ 50 k, the Grand Prix Custom series is expected to be delivered to the royal family.
The level below the Grand Prix is the Duke.
Like the Grand Prix, Duke has the latest technology, but it costs 300 pounds because it\'s not a custom series. The 7-
Duke is the standard pillow for star hotels in Jumeirah, Dubai.
The hotel wanted to order a Grand Prix for the suite as the customer liked the pillows so much, but Crimson County declined the offer because there was no personal custom Grand Prix to exit.
This is a very famous story.
I am very curious about the future of the new British original luxury Crimson County.
This will be the hottest luxury brand in the bedding industry.
Looking back at my friends and my spouse on vacation in Dubai, we learned about the Duke of crimson County through a hotel in Jumeirah.
What impressed me most was the pillow.
I didn\'t expect a memory foam pillow in a regular Queen. sized room.
The moment I put my head on the pillow, I could immediately feel the difference.
I woke up the next morning without feeling any usual neck or shoulder pain.
My spouse also told me that she slept very well.
So I asked the front desk about the pillow and they told me that the pillow was a deep red County brand.
In addition, the front desk mentioned the 50% discount promotion for purchasing pillows this month.
Because of their limited stock, I bought two with my wife.
Upon returning home, the Duke of crimson County had already arrived and the comfort I had experienced in Dubai made me welcome home.
I am very happy with this product and would like to order the grand prix next time if I can afford it.
I will fly to the UK to get that product.
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