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drhba: renovations are good for your home and the economy

by:Qihao      2019-09-01

Anita de Frith is the executive officer of the Durham Regional House Building Association, the spokesperson for the Durham residential building industry.
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As house prices continue to rise, it seems that many people have chosen to redecorate rather than relocate.
A recent survey by the CIBC showed that spending on renovations and intentions continued to increase.
Altus Group expects renovation spending to grow from $70.
$1 billion to $71.
This year 4 billion
Last year alone in the Durham area, the home repair and repair industry accounted for $1.
Investment value 5 billion
The residential renovation industry is critical to the economic base, job creation, housing quality and long-term development of the Durham areaProsperity.
It offers 8,944 jobs and $0. 52 billion in wages.
Renovation can beautify your tired home, increase its value, and more importantly improve its energy efficiency.
Energy efficiency will be an important factor in driving forward the intention of innovation.
2016 CHBA home buyers preference survey shows that Canadians have high demand for energy
Efficient functions and overall energyEfficient family.
Given that half of the existing housing stock was built by 1985, the Ontario government is conducting a mandatory general household energy audit
Housing sales and the federal government\'s climate change agenda will only increase demand for energy-efficient renovations.
The Canadian Association of Home Builders found that \"as homeowners, their homes have been improved as energy --
Consumer devices like stoves, water heaters and appliances have become more efficient, a typical mid-range home
1970 has become more energy efficient.
According to CHBA\'s Green Paper on household energy efficiency, the average energy saving for qualified refurbished homes is 44% . \". Durham’s award-
Winning the construction of RenoMark innovator de Sousa Manuel Accubuilt, said, \"Green decoration is a very important stage of design planning, and we introduce it to our customers at our first meeting.
\"Homeowners can see significant savings in energy bills by updating heating/cooling/ventilation systems, insulation, air seals, Windows/doors/skylights and water-saving methods.
\"In our building/decoration, we have integrated products such as polyurethane foam insulation materials, energy star doors and windows, high efficiency furnaces, water heaters and boilers.
We also use geothermal ground heating, including
\"The floor heating is completed and the insulation material is added under the concrete slab,\" said DeSousa . \".
The Canadian Association of Home Builders advised the federal government that it is time to establish a renovation tax credit for energy renovations.
The energy transformation provides the greatest energy saving potential to date, represents the most cost-effective option, and provides the best incremental improvements in homeowner equity.
Given the very important opportunities to improve the energy performance of existing housing stocks, the government of Canada\'s energy Guide rating system should be adopted to provide a permanent renovation tax credit for energy transformation.
This initiative by reducing operating costs, energy literacy of homeowners (
Report by label and custom home)
Fight the underground economy by asking for receipts.
Ask your member to support the tax credit for permanent renovation.
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