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dr. marty becker on training your new puppy

by:Qihao      2019-09-04
This is a holiday gift that every child dreams of: a cute, comfortable puppy.
Unfortunately, the puppy did not bring the instruction manual, so \"Good Morning America\" asked the vet Marty Becker to give the audience the basics of how to raise the new puppy.
If you want a well
Rounded up, gentle-mannered dogs, have a secret you must know: excessive positive experiences during the critical socialization of puppets, when your puppy is about three months old
This means more than training.
Expose your puppy to everything it may encounter-
Objects, sounds, etc. -
Reward the behavior you want to teach.
Although the owner may think they only need to measure the food and put it in a bowl, the situation has changed.
Remember, all dogs are descendants of wolves.
Wolves had to go hunting for dinner, but we made it easy for dogs to eat.
Instead of searching and capturing their food, they lazily walked towards the bowl.
It takes 30 seconds to 3 minutes while hunting takes a few hours.
Instead, try to give your puppy a food puzzle such as the dog genius, the Buster Food Cube, and the busy partner.
Instead of making you eat too fast
The activity of numbness of the puppy, which injects thoughts, operations and skills into the food.
Dogs are like babies with obvious oral fixation, and they try to put everything in their mouths.
This is natural, normal behavior for dogs, and is necessary for puppies;
After about 3 months, their adult teeth began to fall off.
Older dogs also like to chew. -
To enjoy and relieve boredom or stress.
It also helps to reduce tartar so you don\'t want to stop it.
You must teach your pet the difference between constructive chewing and destructive chewing.
To do this, praise them when they chew the right thing, while preventing them from chewing the wrong thing.
It\'s a good idea to have chew toys specially designed for puppies.
Praise them when they chew.
Say, \"Chew well.
It\'s a good chew.
\"With some chew toys, you can put a snack in it and make it a combo chew toy --food puzzle.
With these things, you can put your things in it.
It will carry your scent and your puppy will chew on toys instead of your favorite shoes.
Dog beds are a long way from throwing blankets in cartons on the floor.
Now they have heaters, memory foam, and even a heart beat that simulates the mother.
Comfort puppies help comfort new puppies by simulating the heartbeat of a bitch.
Soft mat and plush dog pillow included 30-
Minute timer for heart area 21-
An inch plush bitch.
Comfortable puppies include on/off buttons on claws and removable, machine washable, chewy
The resistant bed with pockets is warm.
This is also good for appeasing new puppies or dogs, feeling nervous or chewing when they are alone.
It can also be in the comfort of the heart, 15-inch-tall, heart-
Pillow in pink or blue shape.
Puppies have to urinate a lot.
The rule of thumb is that they can hold an hour more than their age in a few months.
For the puppy version of disposable diapers, try the training pad.
The training pad can hold a lot of liquid.
They are also dry to touch, with plastic backing and tearing --
Resistant to materials, providing strong protection for the surface, easy to handle.
The more expensive version of the Training pad is the operator plug-in.
If your dog has an accident in the box while traveling or getting hurt, it should make him more comfortable.
These disposable plug-ins contain two pads with super absorbent polymer, a rigid insulated core and a soft cover for similar clothing for comfort.
Although the owner wants to kiss the dog\'s breath, take care of the pet\'s mouth ---
Regular brushing of teeth, special dental diet and regular professional care-
They will live 15% more.
Average two years)
Than they would without it.
It is estimated that by the age of 3, 85% of dogs will have some degree of periodontal disease, which makes it the most common diagnostic problem in veterinarians.
Pfizer has recently developed a dog vaccine called porphyromona, which can fight periodontal disease.
This vaccine can be vaccinated against 7-week-old puppies.
The product is injected below the skin at an initial dose twice a three-week interval.
Although the immunization period has not yet been determined, it is expected that the product will be increased every six months to 12 months.
Ask your vet if it\'s the right dog for you or your dog.
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