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Doggin\' it on the job

by:Qihao      2019-08-29
Sometime after 8 on Monday morning, a silver Honda CRV was parked in a park near St.
Lawrence Market
The driver got off the bus and opened the passenger\'s door.
\"Hurry up,\" she ordered the little white dog who jumped out.
\"We have to go to work.
\"Fluke is a working dog.
But it\'s not his job.
This is Mary Jones\'s job. She\'s a vice-
President of Caulfield Apparel Group, Whitehorse Road.
In Townview, he was in charge of Joe Boxer.
Fluke works with Jones and spends the day behind the table, or more often by the table.
But first of all, there is no work every morning.
The person to take care of in the park. Also No. 2.
Even a Fluke knows it\'s not good to screw up at work.
Fluke is one of the countless canine animals that work every day in shops and offices around the city.
This is a valuable workplace benefit for dog owners and a big savings for daycare or dog walking.
Daycare costs about $30 a day.
City dog in council Street
It costs $38 a day for more than six hours.
However, the city dog is trained with live webcam in its play area so that dog owners do not have to endure separation anxiety.
Shey Clark, a partner at Queen\'s Wharf Great Lakes sailing, has no separation anxiety because she is rarely separated from a combination of shoe-free, border Shepherd and Shepherd.
Less than a year old, when she started working, there was little weaning without shoes.
Clark always walks up and down, but drives with the dog\'s toddler until kids without shoes are mature enough to travel with claws.
Dog toys are scattered-
In the personal workplace, there is a soft pillow under Clark\'s desk.
\"She slept all day,\" Clark said . \"
\"We don\'t have time to play.
\"She often works on her mobile phone, plays juggling on bookings and boat schedules, and takes home bacon and food all day in the summer.
Shoe-free is not the first dog to work on a Great Lakes sailing boat.
Clark\'s business partner Damian Ivar took his yellow lab for nine years until she died in 2002.
\"Customers like it,\" he said . \"
But what about the carpet?
\"They get sick from time to time,\" Clark said . \".
\"Just clean it up.
\"After spending a few weeks at Glo salon in Yorkville, a poodle Sam has become a fixture on the second floor where color technicians work. The tiny five-month-
The old, silky black curly-haired puppy coveted by salon clients has a soft bed next to Lynne Gaspini\'s chair.
Gaspini, who had never had a dog before, was fascinated by Sam.
She said: \"He washed his hair in the bathtub with me last night.
\"At work, during the nap, Sam dragged in the bed, chasing a stuffed mouse, wandering between the rooms.
Gaspini said: \"He will look you in the eye, he never barks, he will hold his urine.
\"What else can a puppy want on his work resume?
Sam spent his day at Glo at the invitation of master Mary Louise Abraham.
\"Dogs are good for work morale,\" she said . \"
\"If you can make your work more enjoyable, you will increase your productivity.
No customer complained.
But Abraham left his golden retriever at home because \"he will eat the walls . \"
She is not exaggerating.
Bauer eats the wall.
There are 13 holes in my kitchen drywall.
Bauer can learn a lot from Vicky. year-
The old German Shepherd, who works at Mahyar \"Mike\" Ahmadi in Autodesk, a software company of St. KingE.
Vicky was bought before birth and before coming to her new home, she was trained for nine months at Renfrew\'s Lucescu kennel.
Vicky has never left the cubicle of Ahmadi and she is hardly lying on the bed
As other users of Autodesk.
This will include Dotty, a \"rambling\" Boston terrier who worked with Bill McCann, who runs Autodesk\'s Visualization Studio, for a few days;
It is run by Doti. \"It\'s a dog-
McCann said with appreciation: \"friendly organization.
His wife is waiting for their first child and he likes to know that Doti can come to work when there is a newborn in the House to take care.
It may not be just a convenience for dogs to go to work.
Jones, the boss of fluke, said, \"the boss of the company welcomes the dog because he thinks it\'s a good German-stressor.
\"When Jones was out of the office, Fluke went to work with her husband, Harry Betty, who is a partner of professional printer Areil Emboss & Foil.
\"They called him security,\" she said . \"
Like most staff members, Fluke knows that it is necessary to bark at people sometimes.
Jones said, \"he slept in the meeting.
\"There is a company that does not welcome pet dogs every day: Fido.
\"It depends on the property manager of these buildings,\" spokesman Melanie Mitchell explained . \".
Some allow \"Fido employees to bring dogs into the workplace on special occasions, such as the last day before Christmas.
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