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doctors figure out how to make titanium bones

by:Qihao      2019-09-01
Detailed picture of \"titanium foam\" developed by Dr. Peter Quadbeck team in Dresden, Germany.
Image source: fraedit works for Wolverine, but that\'s in comic books and movies.
Now, a team from Germany said they really found a way to inject the skeleton with titanium and make the metal skeleton.
Peter fonbeck of the Institute of Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials in fraunhove, Dresden, Germany, said bones can be replaced with titanium implants.
This is not new in itself.
Titanium implants are often used to strengthen bones.
But the problem with these implants is that the bones end up relying on titanium to withstand the load, and the result gets worse.
The implants can also be loose and need to be maintained, or the bones they bind can be damaged.
The answer, Dr. Quadbeck says, is to completely replace the broken bones.
The secret to doing so, he says, is that his team has developed a \"titanium foam \".
The foam is made of polyurethane foam injected with titanium powder and adhesive.
When the polyurethane foam is dissolved, the titanium matrix is still present and then hardened by heating.
The resulting titanium matrix can-theoretically —
Replace the damaged bones.
Remaining bone cells can be encouraged to grow inside and around.
While this may be good for transferring blows from mutant opponents, it is also good news for anyone struggling with bone disease or fracture but failing to heal normally.
\"The mechanical properties of titanium foam make it very close to the mechanical properties of human bones,\" Dr. Quadbeck said . \".
\"This first applies to the balance between extreme durability and minimal rigidity.
\"The invention has not yet been approved for human use.
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