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Do Your Gifts Promote Health and Wellness?

by:Qihao      2020-06-27
Do the gifts that you give promote health and wellness for the receiver? It may seem a strange question at first as most of us give gifts that we think the recipient would like or that we want the recipient to have without ever thinking about do they need it or, more importantly, will it promote their health and wellness. When we think about health and wellness, we tend to think about the elderly or infirm. Should we also be thinking about maintaining the health and wellness of those who are already well and healthy? Because a person appears healthy and plays sport or works out does not mean that all is well. Are they sleeping ok, for instance? Could we give them a gift that promotes health and wellness? There are certainly a lot of choices if we look for them. I have chosen three items that I would give to promote health and wellness. Alarm clock with Sound Therapy System Do you have someone who is going off to college or do you know someone who works shifts? It could even be you. Instead of just getting an alarm clock to wake up to, why not buy one that also has a sound therapy system? Sound therapy systems are designed to block out those irritating noises that often prevent us falling asleep naturally. They also help circumvent tinnitus discomfort of constant buzzing in the ears. If you have ever suffered tinnitus, you will know what I mean. The benefits of an alarm clock with a sound therapy system are A soothing atmosphere so you fall asleep easier. Better sleep quality, Enhanced concentration when you wake, More alert and comfortable throughout the day And you still wake up on time! There is a wide variety of alarm clocks to choose from including those that slowly increase the daylight level or Tibetan Gong clocks. It just needs a little imagination. Alarm clocks are not the only gift that will promote health and wellness. Does your friend travel a lot? with Calming Oils Perhaps they would like a relaxing bed pillow. Whenever I travel, I always had problems with sleeping on hotel pillows. Perhaps it was just being away from home and not having my usual pillow. I now take a bed pillow with me on every trip and I sleep better and wake more refreshed than before. Travel pillows make a great and unusual gift and probably something no-one else would even think of giving. They roll up small, about a third of their size, and fit into their own built in stowing flap. They unravel into fluffy pillows within seconds. They even have a sachet of eucalyptus to help induce a good night's rest. Relaxation CD's Some people just like to crash into a chair after a particularly stressful day. That is the perfect time to listen to a CD that will help you relax and release the stress from the body. I have several that I listen to but I think my favorite is Creating Inner Peace. CD's are small and can be taken anyway. Play it will waiting at the airport or during a lunch breaks. Just listening to the CD for a few minutes, before taking that long drive home, will make your journey much more enjoyable. Listening to meditational CD's is a great stress reliever for me. I take at least one relaxation CD with me wherever I go. When you give a gift, choose a gift that promotes health and wellness
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