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diy travel pillow

by:Qihao      2019-08-26
I had a chance to travel in Europe last year.
It was a great adventure and I could see a lot of places.
I also spent a lot of time traveling in order to get to every place.
Between the plane, the train and the bus, I have to say that I had a sleep on the road and one of the most life-saving items I carry with me was my trusted bed pillow.
Travel pillows are great for packing for a couple of reasons: they are small: they don\'t take up the space you carry your luggage with you.
Especially they are comfortable compared to normal size pillows: travel pillows are very comfortable when you sit up and try to rest (
Like on a plane)
They can help you sleep: comfort on the plane or on the bus is almost impossible for me to do, but with this pillow I can sleep for a while I\'m on the road, so by the time I got to my destination, I was rested and ready. This is what you need to make your own bed pillow pattern --
I found my pattern online.
About 1/2 yards of fabric.
Polyester filling
You can find this in any craft or fabric store.
I found my item for sale on JoAnn FabricsSewing needle
Manual binding line-
This can be found in any craft store. First, cut off your pillow pattern.
Show your pattern on the fabric
The fabric should be folded in half, and the plane of the pattern should be flush with the fold of the fabric.
Please note that on my pattern there is a side that shows \"fold\" and most patterns have this indication. 2.
Pin pattern on fabric
This will guarantee that the pattern will not move when you cut fabric 2.
Cut fabric-
Cut your pattern carefully to get your pattern.
Be sure not to stretch the fabric when you crop it, otherwise your work will deform. 3. Repeat. -
It takes two U-shaped pillows.
So repeat Step 1-
Second in the month.
Now that you have two U-shaped pieces, you can start sewing them together.
Prepare sewing by laying pieces
You will want to spread the pieces so that the right side of the fabric is inside and the right side of the fabric is facing up. 2.
Sew the pieces together
It\'s time to go to the sewing machine and start sewing your two pieces together.
You want to give yourself a seam allowance of about 1/4 with your fabric.
This means that your stitching is about 1/4 away from the end of the fabric.
Note: Every time you start or stop stitching, the back needle is about 1/4 \"fine.
This will help to keep the line in the fabric and prevent it from pulling out easily.
Leave about 2 \"fabric so you can plug the pillow in
Don\'t sew everywhere!
You will get a pillow that is not very flat.
Turn your pillow out.
Now your stitching seam will be on the inside of the pillowcase.
Fill the pillow with fiber
Fill the pillow with your polyester to the level of softness you want.
I love that the pillows I had when I was traveling were solid, so I put a lot of padding on this one.
Once you \'ve stuffed the pillow, it\'s time to sew it up.
Fold your fabric about 1/4 \"and give you the same seam allowance-
You will notice that since you have made the seams, your fabric will naturally fold into the pillow. 2.
Put the Needle through and tie the two ends of the line together.
Using a two-strand stitch adds extra strength to your tailor as you will be using a ladder/blind stitch.
Pull the needle from the back to the front, through one of the folded seams, and pull the end of the line out completely.
The knotted ends of your line will be hidden inside your pillowcase.
Straight through from your last shot.
Push the needle in and then push back from the relative seam creases to form the stitch. 5.
Repeat the process until you reach the end of the hole.
You will notice that the stitching creates a horizontal line between two pieces of fabric. (
A bit like a horizontal ladder)6.
To complete the stitching, pass the needle through a small amount of fabric opposite the last stitch.
When you tighten the line, you notice that it creates a loop.
Before tightening the tread, pass the needle and thread through the ring to form a knot.
You are ready now!
So go out and take risks!
\"Not all the wandering people are lost. ” – J. R. R.
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