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discovering a mayan treasure

by:Qihao      2019-08-30
Port Morelos, Mexico-
When Mark Zuckerberg and the giants of social networks want to hold their annual meeting, they don\'t go to Vegas or to some destinations that symbolize modern times, such as Shanghai or a super city.
Exclusive party venues like the Rio fazano hotel.
Facebook\'s founders and others rented all 56 rooms in sewadel in March, a moderately priced boutique resort in a small town in the Maya Riviera that was destroyed not long ago by a hurricane
The resort is a 20-
Walking along the beach to the port of Morelos, the first quarter of the hike was along the undeveloped property, which made the March sebadel unique among the hotels in this area of the Maya Riviera
But what makes the place stand out is the level of service, above everything else, and the quality of its facilities, including two restaurants that serve first --
Specialty food and spa services are provided.
\"This place is between Cancun, parties, parties and the beach of Carmen, very good, great shopping, but it\'s quiet and calm and you can relax,\" March, denver tourist Lon Wilkinson says he is the third time in three years to visit sewader.
\"When you come here, you get to know all the people who work here.
This place has such a personal feeling.
Like on a cruise ship, people on board really know who you are.
\"The hotel has nearly 200 employees, including housekeepers, and general manager Eduardo Herrera is keen to find the best staff in the Yucatan Peninsula.
In one day, guests can be in the first
Named with some attentive staff of Ceiba del in March, they also retain their personal preferred choice of drinks and food and are keen to recommend family specials that may not be available on the menu.
\"We will go to different places, where our competitors are, and try to find the best places,\" Herrera said of his staff . \".
\"You try your best to keep them.
When Herrera chose Victor Solis to take charge of his kitchen business, he was worried about the young cook.
He asked him to go to a colleague at another property for interview and training, he gave Solis Approved Seal and told Herrera that if Ceiba del in March did not hire him
Solis joined Herrera\'s team three years ago, when he was 29 and ranked first in the competition for the best young chef in Mexico.
He was born in akapura, an apprentice in Mexico City, and then worked at other resorts in the Maya Riviera until Seva del brought him in March.
His dishes are authentic Mexican with a fusion flavor, such as adding Thai spices to the spring rolls, with crab and curry.
The food is very tasty, and the highlight is Chile\'s lleno, which is full of seafood.
It is mixed with rich creamy white wine sauce and mild pepper as well as plenty of fish and shrimp.
A pickled fish with sour, Orange, seafood served in a thick Papi glass with a rich cocktail sauce.
The service of Maya coffee, with kalua, hot Ixtaba (a Sambuca-like liqueur)
Vanilla ice cream and black coffee are an unforgettable treat.
When Herrera asked Solis to make a chocolate-themed meal
Because the resort is promoting a Mexican chocolate package with a full set of chocolates.
Body chocolate massage course-
The chef came up with dishes such as delicious lamb chops in Mexican chocolate and decadent, sacred lobster in white chocolate sauce, which turned out to taste more butter than sweet.
\"Mexican food is going back to its roots and back to street food, but still attracts the American view of Mexican food,\" Solis said . \".
The resort offers a flexible plan for guests to order or order all
Inclusive packaging, even mixing things together and having all-
For certain days during their stay, options are included and order for others. A four-
Overnight accommodation in the early days of the Long March was only $747, including taxes, or an average of $186. 75 per night.
\"We have a lot to see in this regard.
Close to Chichen Itza, near Carmen beach.
People don\'t want to stay at the resort all the time, finish their meal, or they may want to go to another resort some time in the Maya Riviera, so we try to make it as convenient as possible for them . \" He has a lot of details about his operations and also offers facilities that are only available in properties that cost twice as much.
A pillow menu is available and a complimentary selection of memory foam and feather options are available.
All suites have views of the Caribbean from 450 square feet to 1,700-square-foot penthouse.
In addition to food and accommodation, the spa is another attraction of the resort.
It has a variety of treatments, developed from traditional Mayan techniques, with several iconic options.
The short name for Ceiba del March is the event.
There is a diving shop where guests can snorkel in the Maya Great Barrier Reef. the second-
The longest coral reef in the world
A yoga project, but that\'s it for organized social activities.
You can go to Chichen Itza and other attractions through the hotel with external tour operators.
Although the port of Morelos is small and safe, it is not a destination for real travelers.
You\'re here to relax on the beach, and you don\'t have to worry about anything but pelicans or bagpipes jumping on the beach.
This may be the reason why social media meetings are held here, or it may be the reason why celebrities such as the edges of the U2 band stay.
If you want to escape, rather than a typical holiday, the shortlist of destinations for Central Europe International Airport in March.
Just the fact: Raina pointed the stick to my heart and frowned when she saw it spinning.
\"You have a bad energy,\" she said . \"
\"It\'s a lot of pressure, isn\'t it?
There may be a lot of emotions?
\"I came here for a massage due to an interesting thing and ended up getting some psychotherapy
Looks like the device you used to check the oil level.
It is called a biological tensor, and it is expected to put you in the best and harmonious balance.
On March, the therapist at Ceiba del will ask you to hold a bottle of oil after bottle, while they will point to you with a wand.
They want to find a mixture that makes the biological tensor move up and down.
Whatever this potion is, it fits your frequency and is the key to your personal health, says Gloria greello, head of the spa.
\"You can have a great massage anywhere, but with oil and a biological tensor, we can use your energy to find the best treatment for you,\" says greello . \" Not a salesgirl.
Grero, who has been using biological tensors for more than a decade, said that the Ceiba del spa in March was the only spa in Mexico to incorporate it into treatment.
The bio-sensor used by the grero team is from a doctor in Europe who will not reveal his identity.
\"I know you might think it\'s a bit crazy, but believe me, it works,\" she said . \".
\"The biological tensor is like an antenna.
It receives the frequency of your body and the frequency that is most beneficial to your body.
She uses it to judge which alcohol is \"the least bad\" for her and others \".
\"It\'s not just for massage, it\'s for daily life,\" she added . \".
Eduardo Herrera, general manager of Seva del in March, said the resort used bio tensorts to pick which brand of bottled water in Mexico to store and decided to make the device move in this demand
After vertical wave
As for my treatment, it does get a little out of control when the bio tensor is pointed to my left shoulder because my left shoulder is sore after the ice compress
Despite the ultrasound treatment in Toronto, skating fell and did not fully recover.
The Ceiba del therapist in March was able to point out this area and help it improve significantly.
While my energy may be bad, there is really some good news for this device.
When Raina bypassed my head with her wand, she smiled and said, \"but your aura is good.
\"When she came to this conclusion, the wand was out of my sight, so I had to believe what she said.
Arrival: The resort is a 20-
Minutes drive from Cancun airport along the well-paved, four-
The staff of Lane highway and Ceiba del on March will pick up and drop off guests.
Know: Before Hurricane Wilma destroyed much of the resort in 2005, Herrera said that Seva del in March attracted the same number of Canadians as the United States.
He says only five of his guests are now Canadians.
\"We just don\'t focus on this market and we\'re going to change that,\" he said . \".
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