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crowdfunded travel pillow raises over $340,000 in under a month

by:Qihao      2019-08-28
If you are like me, it is almost impossible to try to sleep a little while traveling by plane, train or car.
Unlike some animals, people don\'t fall asleep to put our heads in a vertical position.
Luckily, we will soon have FaceCradle travel pillows that shame all the other travel pillows and it turns out to be one of the most popular items on KickStarter.
The campaign has raised more than $342,000 (US Dollars)
After the start of the campaign, there is still more than a month, with a target of only $15,000.
FaceCradle is the creative of Australian entrepreneurs David Scrimshaw and Roz Ruwhiu, both of whom have personally experienced the difficulties of sleeping on the plane.
Their solution to the problem is the fact that it consists of two pillows, supported by an internal frame, connected together by a hinge, this enables the two pillows to fold and lock in any position the user wants.
This makes FaceCradle versatile with any other bed pillow on the market that does not exist.
With FaceCradle, the user has five different head positioning options: 1. Dozing Mode -
Imitate the position of the standard memory foam neck pillow. 2. Snoozing Mode -
FaceCradle is located between the user\'s head and shoulder, allowing the user to move the head horizontally, reducing the pressure on the neck. 3.
Nap mode-
FaceCradle is placed on the plane tray table or any other table with the user\'s arm between the two pillows.
It\'s like falling asleep on any table, but more comfortable. 4.
Before deep sleep
The FaceCradle harness is connected to the back of the seat, and the user tilts forward in the most comfortable position.
The user puts the head into the FaceCradle as if he or she was lying on the massage table. 5.
Deep sleep-
Same as before deep sleep, except for the user\'s head side.
FaceCradle is not only more versatile than a regular memory foam neck pillow, but also more convenient.
Pillows collapse easily, so fold up quickly and carry it easily, unlike bulky travel pillows, it can be a hassle to carry or pack in a suitcase.
Comfort is not a problem either, as the interior of the FaceCradle is made of a hypoallergenic memory foam, while the cover is made of a soft polyester material brushed Velour.
FaceCradle can also be used without inconvenience to anyone around you.
On the plane, the seat does not need to be adjusted when connecting the FaceCradle seat belt, and will not be affected by the user\'s backward tilt of the front seat.
This makes FaceCradle ideal for long flights as one can get some sleep without paying extra to get more space in first class while also useful in cars, buses and trains
It looks like an upright, compact message chair type device, isn\'t it?
Photo credit: FaceCradle has proven that FaceCradle has proposed more than 20 times the goal through KickStarter.
Frequent travelers around the world may encounter problems of not being able to sleep on long flights, and FaceCradle has quickly become the best product to alleviate this problem.
Any traveler who wants to reach their destination needs a break and a glow of energy.
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