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CPAP Accessories

by:Qihao      2020-11-01
I've included several resources below that I hope will help make your sleep apnea treatment more comfortable and successful. None of these items require a prescription for purchasing. Pillows. A common problem with CPAP users is masks becoming dislodged with movement during sleep. Side sleepers often cause their mask to leak by pushing it against their pillow. CPAP pillows overcome this problem by forming a cut-out area on either side of the pillow. This void gives space for the mask while still providing support for your head and neck. Early versions of these pillows didn't quite get all the details right, but the CPAPmax Bed Pillow by Contour has the formula. This pillow offers a variety of pressure zones on the pillow surface to provide improved neck alignment for back sleepers as well as proper cushioning for side sleepers. Of course, it has the cut-outs on the sides to minimize interference with masks. The pillow two choices for material - memory foam on one side or fiber fill on the other side for a more traditional feel. The materials are perforated throughout the pillow so that air can circulate and your face doesn't feel hot or 'clammy'. You can buy the CPAPmax Bed Pillow by Contour through my affiliate link by clicking here. You can also purchase a CPAP starter kit that includes this pillow along with a fitted pillow case designed for this unique pillow, a hose that is covered with quilting for comfort, and a pack of CPAP mask cleaning wipes. Click here to order the CPAP starter kit through my affiliate link. CPAP Pillow - Perforated CPAP Pillow Alternative power. Battery systems are great for when you are traveling and AC power is not available or reliable. When you are off the grid, like with camping trips or for overnight trips by train or flight. While some manufacturers report run-times of up to 20 hours, be cautious - heated humidifiers are known to quickly drain batteries. If you can get by without a humidifier when off-grid, I highly recommend it to maximize run-time. Buying the right equipment for a battery setup can be a little tricky, so I've provided you with a simple three step process below that should help. First you'll need to order the battery system. I've selected a universal system that works with most CPAP machines right out of the box. Click here to order this Universal CPAP Battery Pack through my affiliate link. This machine works with most Phillips/Respironics, ResMed, DeVilBiss, and Fisher & Paykel machines. Check if you need a separate Power Converter or Power Inverter: Phillips Respironics System One: no inverter/converter required. DC connections: The Universal system I recommended above should have the connections necessary for most CPAP machines. For peace of mind, however, you may want to consider the following options to complete your system: Cleaning Supplies. The second most difficult part sleep apnea treatment is cleaning. For some reason, the basic advice of washing the mask daily with Ivory soap still becomes a hassle when our mornings are filled with so many other activities. You may find the cleaning ideas below to less demanding of your time. Try them out and let me know if they work or if you have other tricks that make cleaning easier. CPAP Tube Cleaning System. Cleaning CPAP tubes can be a little messy at times. This device contains the cleaning solution in the tube as you are cleaning and also has a built-in hanger for drying. Click here to order it through my affiliate link. CPAP Hose Holder: This great device keeps the hose up and away from you while you sleep while allowing you to move freely without binding the hose. See the picture below and click here to order the CPAP Hose Holder through my affiliate. CPAP Mask Wipes: These wipes offer a convenient way to keep your mask feeling fresh and providing the best seal in between major cleaning cycles. Click here to order a 3-pack of the CPAP Mask Wipes through my affiliate link. Mask Cushions. My first mask had straps that rubbed on my cheeks throughout the night and gave me a dry skin-redness that was a little embarrassing at times. Luckily, I found these cushions - they wrap around the mask straps near your face. They eliminated the redness and were convenient to clean by just throwing in the laundry once a week. I highly recommend these cushions if you are having the same trouble.
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